Heat Exchanger Nearside (Left) VW T2 Bay 2000cc 1978–1979

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This is quality you can rely on – a replacement heat exhanger unit made to the same high standard as the original VW part.

Looking for a heat exchanger for the offside (right) of your Bay? Check out J10639.

If you need to replace the nearside (left) and offside (right), we’ve put together a money-saving bundle kit which includes both heat exchangers and all the fittings needed to install them: J20107.

Please Note: This heat exhanger has flat mounting flanges where it bolts to the cylinder head. You will also need two separate gaskets which we supply seperately: J10315 and J10313.

VW T2 Bay Window nearside (left) heat exchanger. Fits the nearside (left) on all 2000cc VW T2 Bays built from 1978 to 1979.