Just Kampers has been serving the Classic VW community since the summer of 1989. The VW Campers and Transporters that were ‘new’ when we set up are now over 25 years old and established as part of the ‘Classic VW’ community, and we now stock parts and accessories VW Campers from 1950 to the newest T6’s. We are here to make sure that owning a VW is fun and affordable. Our main business is to supply the best parts from around the world, plus camping equipment and accessories, and to offer unbeatable vehicle insurance for VW’s in the UK. We're also keen to help promote the VW culture to a wider audience and that is perhaps how we can help each other.

About JK:

What we do
Our focus now is providing our tens of thousands of customers around the world with the range of products, advice and information they need to enjoy their classic VWs, convert vans into campers, and keep their vehicles on the road and in great shape.

The JK Team are hard at work scouring the world for new and exciting parts and accessories for everything from the beloved Beetle to the newest vans on the market. If we can’t find a product we know you need, or we can’t find one that’s good enough quality for us to want to fit on our own vehicles, we’ll aim to get it made ourselves.

Where we are
Tucked away in Odiham, Hampshire, JK HQ is based in an aircraft hangar which has been converted to an ever-growing warehouse and offices. We've even added a small manufacturing division, making our exclusive Preservation Parts range on site right next door.

What we can offer
We’ve been part of the VW community since 1989, and still have the same drive, passion and enthusiasm as we did in the 80s. Our team, and the knowledge within it, have grown over the years, and we’ve now got expert knowledge of modern, non-VW vans as well as classic and modern Volkswagens.

We're always happy to help out, whatever information, expertise or assistance you might need from us. In the unlikely event that we can't answer your question ourselves, we'll be able to point you in the right direction to get you the help you need. We've built up a huge list of contacts around the world, so we'll be able to find what you need.


How we can help:

Looking for information?
If you want information about a specific vehicle, the VW scene as a whole, or anything in between, get in touch!

You can also get a wealth of information from the community hub on our website, where we post information about events, vehicle projects, new products and advice articles.

Want to source a vehicle for film, TV or advertising?
Not only does the JK Team have a fleet of vehicles between us, but we have contact details for tens of thousands of VW enthusiasts who we could reach out to, as well as an engaged social media following we can get in touch with.

There’s no fee for this at our end, and you can agree terms directly with the owner. It’s just a helpful service we offer!

Need information, advice or a quote for an article?
We’ve helped all sorts of people over the years with insights and info, from ITV News to the Financial Times.

If you’re working on a story that relates to classic VWs, modern Volkswagens or anything related to them, we’d be happy to help you with expert information and advice on where to look and who else to speak to.

Got something you want to promote?
We’ve been an active part of the VW community for decades, and are still as keen as ever to get involved and help share cool, interesting and important stories.

If you’re restoring a rare vehicle, taking on an epic adventure in your Volkswagen, doing fundraising for charity or writing a book about VWs, we’d love to hear from you.

Useful links
We’ve put together some links to other areas of the JK site that you might find helpful.

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