Corporate Information

About Us

Just Kampers is more than just another VW mail order company. We are the number one parts and accessories supplier for VW Camper vans and Beetles.  Learn more about us here.


We are always interested in hearing from dynamic individuals who can add value to our team.  Visit our Careers page to see our latest vacancies.

Finance Information

General information about finance options available.  See how to Buy with 0% Finance here.


Read a summarised version of the Just Kampers Story, or become a JK expert by following our Facebook timeline from 'born' to today...

JK Community Guidelines

JK accounts are intended for your personal use, not only to buy parts and camping accessories as required but for our members to post to forums, create blogs and share...

JK on the Environment

We take our responsibility to the environment really seriously at Just Kampers.

Over the years we’ve brought in more and more measures to ensure that we’re operating in a sustainable, responsible way that isn’t causing massive harm to the planet. Learn more about the steps we've taken at JK HQ to do our part for the environment.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Data Protection. Review our full Privacy Policy here.

Social Responsibility

Just Kampers try and visit the factories we work with regularly and if we feel that the staff have poor working conditions or the factories use child labour, we encourage them to change their ways and if that is not possible, we move production. Learn more about JK Social Responsibility here.

Supplier Code of Conduct

JK take Social Responsibility very seriously and have developed a clear set of standards for all suppliers.  Review the Supplier Code of Conduct here.