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Browse over 800 Volkswagen T25 / T3 parts and accessories available from Just Kampers. Our stock includes everything from T25 / T3 engine parts, braking systems and suspension to body panels and awnings. Buy online today with free UK delivery on orders over £50. The VW T25 / T3 is the third generation of the VW Transporter and in Europe it is known as the Type 2 (T3). In the USA the vehicle is commonly called the 'Eurovan' or 'Vanagon'. The T25 is an extremely versatile vehicle with variants including Panel Van, Caravelle, Westfalia Camper, DoKa and the 4WD Syncro. Fortunately, Just Kampers supply mechanical parts for all of these models. Please scroll down the page to view the full range. Alternatively, you can search for specific parts using the search box located at the very top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy genuine and aftermarket VW T25 parts?

If you're looking for genuine and aftermarket VW T25 parts, Just Kampers is your go-to destination. They offer an extensive selection of high-quality parts and accessories for your VW T25 Transporter. Whether you need mechanical parts, body panels, electrical components, or interior fittings, Just Kampers has you covered. Their inventory includes both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and reliable aftermarket alternatives, ensuring you can find exactly what you need to keep your T25 in top condition. Visit their website at Just Kampers VW T25 Parts to explore their comprehensive range of products and make your purchase with ease.

What are the essential parts needed to maintain a VW T25?

To maintain a VW T25, there are several essential parts you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Key components include:

  1. Engine and Transmission Parts: Regular servicing requires items like oil filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, and timing belts.
  2. Braking System Components: Brake pads, discs, and fluid are crucial for safety and performance.
  3. Suspension and Steering Parts: Shock absorbers, tie rods, and bushings ensure a smooth ride and precise handling.
  4. Electrical System: Battery, alternator, and wiring components are necessary for reliable operation.
  5. Cooling System Parts: Radiators, hoses, and thermostats help prevent overheating.
  6. Body and Interior Fittings: Replacement panels, seals, and upholstery maintain the vehicle’s appearance and comfort.
  7. Exhaust System: Mufflers and catalytic converters are essential for emissions and noise control.

You can find all these essential parts and more at Just Kampers, your one-stop shop for genuine and aftermarket VW T25 parts. Visit Just Kampers VW T25 Parts to explore their comprehensive inventory and keep your VW T25 in top condition.

How do I identify the correct part number for my VW T25?

Identifying the correct part number for your VW T25 is crucial for ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Consult Your Vehicle Manual: The owner's manual or service manual often lists part numbers for various components.
  2. Check Existing Parts: Look for part numbers directly on the parts themselves. Manufacturers often engrave or label parts with their specific numbers.
  3. Use VIN Number: Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be used to look up part numbers. Websites like Just Kampers provide tools to enter your VIN and find compatible parts.
  4. Online Parts Catalogues: Just Kampers has an extensive online parts catalogue for the VW T25. Use their search function, input your vehicle details, and browse categories to find the right parts.
  5. Contact Customer Support: When in doubt, reach out to Just Kampers’ customer support. Their experts can help you identify the correct part numbers based on your vehicle’s specifications.

Visit Just Kampers VW T25 Parts for more detailed assistance and to explore their comprehensive inventory of genuine and aftermarket parts.