Gearbox & CV Joints

VW T25, Gearbox & CV Joints

More than 50 Volkswagen T2 Bay window gearbox and CV joint parts available at Just Kampers. Complete listings of gearbox rebuild parts, CV joints, boot kits, gearbox oil, gear levers, linkage parts and gearbox tools suitable for all VW T2 Bay models including Camper Conversions, Buses, Crossovers, Early Bays and Late Bays. Scroll down to view the full range or search for specific T2 Bay gearbox parts using the search box at the very top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace the VW T25 gearbox?

To replace the gearbox on a VW T25, start by securely lifting the vehicle and draining the gearbox oil. Remove the driveshafts and disconnect the linkage and electrical connections. Support the gearbox with a jack, unbolt it from the engine and mounts, and carefully lower it. Install the new gearbox by reversing these steps: bolt it to the engine and mounts, reconnect the linkage and electrical connections, and refill with gearbox oil.

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