Just Kampers Seven-Piece Thermomat Set VW T5 2003–2015, T6 2015 on (SWB)

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Exclusive to Just Kampers, this complete set of insulated Thermomats is designed for use on the following VW vehicles:

  • Short wheel-base T5's, built from 2003 to 2015,
  • T6's built from 2015 onwards.

Designed to cover the front windscreen, all four side windows and cab windows. This seven-mat set is all you need to provide your vehicle with immediate and effective insulation, built to protect from both the hot and cold weather.

At a glance:

  • Easy installation thanks to the included suction cups,
  • Reflective layer helps to reflect the sun away from your vehicle, keeping your interior cool all day,
  • The five-layer composition is perfect for blocking draughts and providing insulation against the cold,
  • An ideal solution for those who'd like to enhance the privacy within their van, will keep valuables out of sight,
  • Five layers of insulation help act as sound-deadening, which keeps out external noise for a quiet night’s sleep.

Five layer composition:

To offer better quality insulation, our Thermomats are made using a five-layer composition, compiled from the following:

  • Reinforced reflective foil layer, to be faced outward and reflect sunlight away from your interior,
  • A second silver reflective layer, for added protection against the suns heat,
  • Foam layer provides better insulation and prevents transfer of hot or cool temperatures,
  • Insulation layer better helps to preserve the climate and temperature of your interior,
  • Easy to clean grey fabric layer provides the Thermomats with a polished and quality appearance.

Vehicle Compatibilty

Please note, these thermomats are not guaranteed to suit twin sliding doors or Caravelle models.

The mat which covers the offside centre window will fit, however it may overlap the windows edge. Please bear this in mind and remember to be cautious if you choose to purchase this set for the aforementioned vehicles. The overlap may potentially damage the mat, if you open the door.

Rear Thermomats are available separately:

  • Please purchase J19312 for Barn Door vehicles,
  • Please purchase J19311 for Tailgate vehicles.

Other Thermomat Bundle Kits and Sets are available:

How to install your Thermomat set:

Our Thermomats are super easy to use. Simply remove them from the carry bag and unroll them. Then install the included suction cups to the metal eyelets featured within the mats.

Once the suction cups are in place, you simply fix them to the glass from the inside of your vehicle! You may need to adjust their position, to make sure the thermomats are blocking light effectively.

If the suction cups aren't sticking properly, they can be reformed by carefully resting them in warm water. Once they've warmed up for a few minutes, the cups can be reformed, although should return to their original shape on their own.

If you’ve fitted some JK Side Jail Bars (J15047) – Don’t worry, you can still fit your thermomats. Simply remove the suckers that are in the way and use the top suckers to fix the Thermomat onto the window.