Propex Heatsource HS2000 12V LPG Gas Heater with Fitting Kit (Dial Thermostat)

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Bundle Contents
1 × Propex Heatsource HS2000 12V Gas Heater (Dial Thermostat)
1 × Gas Bottle Holder Suits 7 Kg Gas Bottles (900mm Strap)
1 × High Pressure Gas Hose (Sold in 2m lengths / 8mm)
1 × Copper Pipe (8mm / 5.5mm Internal Diameter) 2 Meter Length
1 × Wade Nozzle Adapter Rubber Hose (Imperial 5/16")
1 × Propane Gas Regulator (Low Pressure)
1 × Magnetic Gas Level Indicator for Propane/Butane

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Propex Gas Heatsource HS 2000 12 Volt  European Fitting Only   Use J19842 For The Complete Kit
Gas Bottle Holder Suits 7Kg Gas Bottles
High Pressure Gas Hose  Sold in 2m lengths   8mm
Copper Pipe  8mm   5 16    SOLD IN 2 METRE LENGTHS ONLY
Wade Nozzle Adapter Rubber Hose  Imperial 5 16
Propane Gas Regulator  Low Pressure
Gas Level Indicator (Magnetic) for Propane/Butane

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Propex Heatsource HS2000 12V LPG Gas Heater with Fitting Kit (Dial Thermostat)

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£3.81 £3.95

Bundle Contents
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    If you’re looking to install central heating in your campervan, the Propex Heatsource HS2000 gas heater with fitting kit is the money-saving bundle you need to make it a reality.

    This quality Propex product will guarantee to keep you warm throughout the colder months and chilly days. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking warmth on the move or when parked up, as the Propex Heatsource HS200 gas heater works independently from your engine.

    Please Note: We’re unable to send Propex heaters outside the UK. If you’re based outside the UK you won’t be able to purchase a Propex heater from Just Kampers.

    This efficient and compact heating system for your camper’s interior has been specifically designed for touring vehicles, so you know you’ve invested in a reliable and quality product. This kit contains all the main components you need to fit the Propex unit into your camper using propane gas, and fits all VWs with 12v electrics.

    It isn’t limited to just VWs, though, as the Propex HS2000 Heatsource is perfect for adding warmth and comfort to any vehicle which as a 12V electrical circuit to power it, and enough space inside to safely install the unit inside. Because you can fit it into such a wide range of locations within your vehicle, we sell a lot of these Propex units to people who’ve converted their panel van into their dream camper.

    It’s great for maintaining a nice warm temperature in vans as small as the Fiat Doblo or as large as the Vauxhall Movano. Please be aware that these heaters are rated for use with 30mb butane and 30/37mb propane. This is widely acceptable across Europe, though some European countries also use 50mb gas pressure. These are not suitable for use in the USA.

    Please note: If you will be fitting your Propex HS2000 heater to a VW T2 Split Screen, you will need to have a 12 volt power supply.

    Installation and servicing of this gas-powered unit must comply with current gas safety register-(GB), Corgi (Ni) regulations or the relevant national organisation.

    This kit contains:

    1 x J18073 Propex Heatsource Heater,

    1 x J11844 Propane Gas Regulator (Low Pressure),

    1 x J13059 Gas Level Indicator,

    1 x J11935 Gas Bottle Holder,

    1 x J13132 Gas Bottle Hose,

    1 x J27759 Copper Pipe two metres,

    1 x J27814 Brass Adaptor.

    This system offers a high efficiency rating with the luxury of thermostatic control via an easily fitted, wall mounted thermostat. One key benefit of the HS2000 is that unlike some heaters, it requires minimal electricity during ignition – so cycling it on does not lead to additional battery drain. The ball race bearings used in the heater fans also allow quiet operation, whilst its stainless steel burner, heat-exchanger, and clean combustion give maintenance-free durability.

    In vans and buses the unit is convenent and compact – usually mounted in a bed-box or cupboard, flued downwards through the floor and out to the side of the vehicle using the provided flexible stainless ducting. In this money-saving bundle, the Propex Heatsource HS2000 is supplied with a complete fitting kit to suit vehicle installation.

    Fuel compatibilty - Butane, Propane Gas or LPG.

    When in continuous use, the unit consumes approximately 142 grams per hour. An average 3.9 kg propane cylinder will last for about 27.5 hours of use. To give you a rough idea of how much fuel you will require for use. When running continuously the electric current consumption on average is 1.4 amps.

    Please be aware that these heaters are rated for use with 30 mb butane and 30 -37 mb propane. This is widely accepted across Europe, though some European countries also use 50 mb gas pressure, so please bear this in mind. The Propex HS2000 is sadly not suitable for use in the USA. We’re also unable to sell to customers outside the UK.

    Both of these variations require an alternative jet to be fitted to the unit and provide a different set of certification in some countries.