Just Kampers External Thermoscreen (Silver) VW T2 1967 - 1979

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Be toasty warm on winter nights, super cool in summer and snooze for as long as you desire with our external thermoscreen for your Bay window camper. Multi-functional, and perfect for all seasons they’ll make a worthy addition to your bus. With blackout properties they help to prevent the sun waking you early morning and maintain privacy. Allowing you to hit snooze on your morning slumber.

The foldable front also allows you to regulate the desired daylight into the cab and can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements. Beneficial in all seasonal extremes, the insulated padding, silver screen material performs well in both high and low temperatures. Ably protecting you from the cold winter weather as well as maintaining cooler internal temperatures during the extreme heat of summer.

Excellent blackout capabilities allow you to hit snooze or you can let the light in as and when you are ready by utilising the foldable front section.

JK Team member Caz says: “We love our external thermoscreen. We use it in conjunction with internal thermo mats for the rest of the windows. It’s so easy to use and really does make a huge difference to the internal temperature of our Bay. Whether it’s hot or cold outside. We wouldn’t be without ours!”

Keeping the screen frost free on early morning starts is an added benefit. Fitting is simple due to the cab door pockets, within the screen, which slide over the corner of your cab doors. This fully insulated, padded screen is ideal for keeping your screen clear in wintry conditions, but is also perfectly suited to maintaining privacy, preventing hot loss in winter and keeping the vehicle shaded and therefore cooler during the summer heat. The external thermo screen is finished in silver and is supplied with its own carry bag. A fantastic product at a fraction of other alternatives.

At a glance:

• Easy to fit,

• Padded and insulated for warmth retention,

• Prevents frost on external cab glass surfaces,

• Ideal for maintaining privacy inside the vehicle,

• Acts as a sunshade, preventing the interior from becoming too warm

• Made specifically for VW T2.


These fit all VW T2 Bay window campers. To fit, remove from storage bag, slot the door pocket over the top edge of the cab door and close. Following the length of the Thermoscreen, around the front windscreen, slot the remaining pocket over the opposite cab door. Shut the cab door to secure in place. Please note: These are shower proof but NOT waterproof. They will need to dry out before packing away.