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Fire Fighter 2 Metre Automatic Engine Bay Fire Suppression System

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The ‘Engine Fire Fighter’ 2-metre engine bay fire suppression system has been built specifically to protect you, your family and your vehicle from engine compartment fires. Its pressurised flexible tube contains a FE-36 non-corrosive and non-toxic agent that leaves no residue if the system activates. This means less damage and less mess to clean up. We recommend the 2-metre length engine bay fire suppression system for smaller vehicle engine bays such as the VW Beetle or Type 3. For larger vehicle engine bays, see the 3-meter fire suppression system. Hassle-free to install, simply use the supplied ties. No other power or external triggers are required. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle engine fire, the tube will activate when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius, effectively extinguishing the fire.

• Tube dimension – 18mm(D) • Working temperature – -30ºC~80ºC • Operation temperature – 80ºC or 120ºC ±10ºC • Fire agent – FE-36 or FM200 • Pressure at temp 20ºC – 2.5Bar • Weight of agent – 380g • Shelf life 3-5 years