Cab Partition Curtain VW T4 1990–2003, T5 2003–2015, and T6 2015 Onwards

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Looking to get comfy in the back of your camper and settle down for a good night’s sleep? Make sure you’ve got a curtain between your camping interior and the cab of your Transporter, or you’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn! This high quality blackout curtain is designed to be fitted behind the front seats in your van, so you can pull them shut and stop sunlight blasting in through your windscreen and cab door windows first thing in the morning.

At a glance:

• Simple to install, and fits VW Transporters built from 1990 onwards,

• Stops sunlight from waking you up while you’re camping, and offers you privacy in your van,

• Lets you simply draw the curtains shut, rather than needing to fit blinds to your van windows,

• Supplied with all the screws, hooks, gliders and other bits you’ll need to fit them.

As well as preventing an unreasonably early wake up while you’re off camping, it’s also a great way to ensure you can keep your privacy while you’re relaxing in your van.

Fitting information:

Fits the VW T4 built from 1990 to 2003, the VW T5 built from 2003 to 2015, and the VW T6 built from 2015 onwards. The screws you’ll need to attach the rail, as well as the hooks, gliders and endstops to hang the curtains, are all included. The only thing we don’t supply is the cup of tea and spare time you’ll need to get the fitting done!

The curtain material knitted jersey has been used to create these curtains, which is an ideal material for blackout blinds. The way that knit jersey is made means that all the fibres are packed together densely, so light can’t sneak through, especially with two layers of material.

It’s also fantastic for helping to keep your camper warm overnight, since the curtain material will trap the heat in the back and allow less of it through to be sapped away by the cold windscreen and cab windows.

Knitted jersey is really hard-wearing, and also nice and soft, so the curtains aren’t stiff or awkward to pull open and closed, and will have a nice drape to them. There’s also a set of tie-backs, so you can secure the curtains to the sides of your Transporter when you’re driving, without the risk of them falling shut!