Carbon Monoxide Detector

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It is now mandatory to have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in campervans and caravans as well as a smoke alarm (J13176).

Carbon Monoxide is an unseen killer, being colourless and odourless. Sleep safe in the knowledge that you and your family are protected.


- 7 year sensor lifespan,

- Requires 2 x AA batteries (included),

- 85dB audible warning alarm,

- Suitable for wall mounting or free standing for portable use.

This battery operated detector is an economical life-saving device that provides a loud audible warning when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) are detected.

The compact CO alarm has easy to understand LED status indicators and is suitable for use as a wall mounted or portable, free standing alarm. This device should always be placed in close proximity to any appliances, but not directly above them.


• CE marked and Kitemarked to the latest standard: BS EN 50291-1:2012 and BS EN 50291-2,

• CO sensitivity level:50ppm,

• LED status indicators for power and alarm mode,

• Automatically checks its own sensor and battery.