Black Aluminium Roof Rails for VW T5 and T6 (Short Wheelbase)

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Looking to make use of all that space on the roof of your transporter? Add a set of aluminium roof bars and massive increase the amount of stuff you can take on adventures with you! These roof rails are finished in matte black aluminium and look fantastic.

They’re also highly practical, allowing you to carry awkward or long items which you can’t fit inside your VW T5 or T6. Fits short wheelbase VW T5s built from 2003 to 2015, and T6s built from 2015 onwards. This includes the ‘facelift’ T5.1 and T6.1, as the modifications to these models are purely to the look of the front end of the vehicle, and so won’t affect the roof at all.

You can combine these with a pair of cross bars, to really open up the space on your roof for carrying even more equipment with you. You’ll be able to carry up to 40 kg on top of your Transporter, which will totally revolutionise how you use it, and what you can use it for. Get a set of matching black aluminium cross bars here: J43729.

Whether you’re looking to carry pipes and ladders for work, or aiming to take your kayak away with you on holiday, these roof rails have got you covered! Supplied with full instructions and all the washers, bolts and other parts you’ll need to install them.

The instructions should be followed carefully throughout installation. Fitting these roof rails is quick and easy, as they fit into the existing holes in the roof of your VW T5 or T6. This means there’s no need to drill into the roof!

We recommend that you use a sealant, such as J-B Weld Clear Silicone, to ensure that there are absolutely no leaks around the mounting points. You can find this sealant here: J45581.