Reconditioned Solex 28 PICT 2 Carburettor VW Beetle 1966-1967 VW T2 Split 1966-1967

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.Sold on an exchange basis these reconditioned Solex 28 PICT 2 carburettors go through a rigour's re-conditioning procedure. All carburettors start with a visual inspection to look for obvious damage, wear, corrosion or other indications of failure. They are then vapour blasted; the spindles checked for straightness and carb body fit. If there is play in the carb body these are re-bushed. All steel parts are put through an abrasive tumbler, then all parts are sonic cleaned before re-assembly.

New fasteners and gaskets are used and the accelerator pump etc is checked for operation and set to the factory base line.

Each carburettor is jetted to original specification for engine size and shipped complete with a new base gasket.

These 28 PICT 2 carburettors are suitable for 34 hp 1200cc 12 volt VW Beetles and Splits built from 1966 to 1967.

These are sold on an exchange basis; a core charge will be added at point of purchase. This will be refunded when your old unit is returned to JK and it passes inspection. We only accept original Solex carbs in exchange and cannot accept any carbs with damage to the body, stripped threads or heavy corrosion.