Hot Start Relay (12V)

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This 12 volt 40 amp relay has various uses from fog lights, horn, fridge, electric windows, hot start etc. Please check the part number on your relay before ordering.

Hella has been producing high-quality electrical components, originally manufacturing lanterns and bulbs for the automotive, carriage and bicycle industries since 1899. Hella and Volkswagen have worked together since the very early days of the VW Beetle. Today they produce parts for almost every model of VW including a range for the classic 6volt and 12volt products for the VW Beetle, T2 and T25 Campers and Transporters. Just Kampers chose to stock Hella products knowing they are a first-class product that will last for years and give you good value for money.

Fits all vehicles with 12volt electrics. As T2 T25s and Beetles get older many vehicles suffer from problems starting when hot. In the majority of cases this is caused by resistance in the ignition wire which runs from the ignition switch at the front of the vehicle to the starter motor at the back of the vehicle. Fitting this relay takes some of the strain off this cable and gives the voltage a helping hand.