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Invest in a great quality solar panel set-up, and get all the power you need, whenever and wherever you need it!


This monocrystalline solar panel folds away into a small, portable pack which you can set up by your camper, or take with you to the beach, park or a VW festival! 


At a glance: 

• Capable of giving you 100 Watts of power, wherever you are, 

• Only weighs 3.2 kg, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere,

• Supplied with an LCD controller to help you manage the power input,

• Created with monocrystalline solar cells, which are super-efficient,

• Can be directly connected to your vehicle battery with the crocodile clips. 


Having a portable, efficient solar panel setup is an excellent way to get even more freedom while you’re out exploring in your camper, caravan or motorhome. 


What’s included?

This solar panel set includes the 100W, fold-out solar panel itself, as well as:

• Crocodile clips, for connecting your solar panel to your vehicle battery,

• A five-metre extension cable, to let you set up the solar panel in direct sunlight,

• An LCD charge control unit, to help you control the power flowing into your electrical system.


The solar panel

The folding solar panel can generate up to 100W of power, to charge up flat vehicle batteries and stop accessories like fridges or chargers from draining your leisure battery. 


Three legs fold out from the back of the panel to hold it up at an angle, so you can have it pointed towards the sun. 


Because it only weights 3.2 kg, it’s really easy to move around and reposition, and the five-metre extension cable means you’ve got some freedom on where you set it up. 


When you fold it back away again, the whole unit folds down into a convenient carry-case which is easy and comfortable to carry around. 


There’s a series of integrated metal eyelets fixed around the edge of the solar panel, which lets you hang it from your awning, windbreak or even a tree, so you can catch the best rays!  

Please be aware that this product has been improved since we shot this video and the support legs are now integrated into the back of the panel. 


Still mystified by solar? Read our blog for more guidance:


Dimensions (unfolded): 1125mm x 570mm x 5mm,

Dimensions (folded): 580mm x 440mm x 45mm,

Weight: 3.2kgs,

Peak power: 100W,

Maximum power voltage: 18V,

Maximum power current: 5.56A,

Open circuit voltage: 21V,

Short circuit current: 21A. 

So what does 100 Watts actually mean?

In simple terms, without going into the mind-bending scientific formulae, it means your solar panel will be giving you 100-Watt hours (100wh) of power for each hour of sunlight it gets. 

This will, of course, be more useful in the summer, or in warmer climes, but your solar panel will still produce energy during the day if it’s overcast or cloudy, just not as much. 

A 100-Watt solar panel is ideal for running smaller electrical devices like lights, phone chargers etc., and should certainly be enough to handle things like a fridge, depending on its energy demands.

About Monocrystalline solar panels: 

Solar panels made using monocrystalline designs use many small, efficient solar cells, rather than fewer larger ones. Each solar cell is made from high-purity silicon, and cut into octagons, so that lots of them can fit together across the surface of the solar panel. 

Monocrystalline solar panels are ideal for use on your campervan or caravan:

• Designed for a larger surface area on each solar cell, to absorb and convert more energy,

• Reduced reflectivity, so more energy is captured by the panel and less is reflected away,

• More efficient than other types of solar panel,

• Lifespan of up to 30 years, with proper care and maintenance.