Fiamma F35 Pro 270 Awning Deep Black Case & Royal Grey Fabric(06458C01R)

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Fully embrace the camping season and equip yourself with a greater living space, provided to you by a high-quality Fiamma awning!


  • Brackets: a variety of brackets are available for various vehicles and roof types,
  • Compact case box: the awning is contained within a sturdy aluminium case - finished here in a Deep Black colour,
  • Double guide: the double guide allows for versatility in optional extras such as sides and blockers,
  • Integrated legs: stored within the front lead bar for easy accessibility and storage,
  • Roller: dual direction rolling of the canopy,
  • Canopy: The canopy is multi layered, waterproof and rot proof.

The Fiamma brand was established in 1945. Dedicated to continual evolution and quality it is the go-to choice for converters and individuals alike. The awnings are still made at their factory in Cardano al Campo, Italy.

Awning specifications:

Awning Length: 273 cm,

Canopy Length: 254 cm,

Extension: 225 cm,

Max Height From Ground: 225 cm,

Shade Surface: 5.7 m²,

Weight: 13.0 kg.

More about the awning

There are a few more major considerations here too, in terms of difference. The F35 is designed for use on LHD vehicles; meaning that when sited on a RHD vehicle the awning would sit on the side opposite the sliding door. There are adapter brackets available for various vehicle types which allow for use on RHD vehicles.

The other main differences are that the tensioning is provided by full extension of the canopy and extending the telescopic legs (housed in the roller tube) rather than being adjustable as in the F45, and, that the F35 requires two people when opening and closing the awning.

The F35 case is anodised aluminium, and with an awning weight of 13kg, is easy to install and remove as required. The optional brackets that do not require drilling make the F35 even easier and more practical for those who would prefer that their awning is not a permanent fixture.

Fiamma F35 is the practical awning with manual mechanism and telescopic legs integrated into the roller tube. It can be installed on any kind of minivan, camper, or caravan thanks to a variety of brackets that can be fixed on the wall or on roof bars and rails.

Please reach out to a fitter prior to purchase, for confirmation your vehicle will support the weight of the unit and for assurance this product is appropriate for your vehicle. If you don't already have the experience or tools required for the installation, we recommend you ask a fitter to do it for you. For more information on how to use this product please refer to the in-box user guide.