Webasto Cruise Classic CR49 Compressor Fridge-Freezer (49 Litre)

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Quality Indel Webasto product. The Cruise Classic CR49 is ideal for campervans, and has been created with them in mind, allowing you to make the most of the precious available space. If you’re looking for a fridge-freezer for your camper, the Cruise Classic could be just what you’re looking for!

At a glance:

• Boasts 49 litres of internal capacity, so you’ve got plenty of room for all the essentials,

• The 4-litre freezer compartment is large enough to store ice cubes (or ice creams!),

• Runs on either 12-volt or 24-volt power,

• Highly efficient operation, with low power consumption,

• Really easy to fit almost anywhere in your camping interior.

Quick and easy to install, and compact enough to be tucked away in a number of different locations in your camper, caravan or motorhome, the CR49 is excellent for long weekends or shorter adventures. Installing the Cruise Classic is easy, especially with the internal fixing system which lets you affix screws through the inside wall of the fridge for neat and simple installation.

Maximising your storage:

Webasto have designed the Cruise Classic to make the most of the available space, which is always at a premium in your camper. The fridge-freezer is insulated with really efficient materials, which means that the internal space can be given over to storing food, rather than thick insulation.

• A hatch on the internal shelf allows you to store drinks bottles upright,

• The shelves within the door are adjustable, and have a guard rail to taller items don’t fall,

• It’s designed to be as compact as possible, at just 52 cm tall and 36 cm across.

Once you’ve packed your CR49 full of delicious food, it’s easy to get to it, too! A blue LED light will come on as soon as you open the door, highlighting all the different food options available to you. The door itself is very well insulated, and has a magnetic rubber seal to ensure it stays closed once you’ve shut it. You can also customise the door with extras from Dometic to match the interior of your camper!


Height: 523 mm, Width: 386 mm, Depth: 485 mm, Weight: 16.2 kg.

Electrical information:

• Can run on either 12-volt or 24-volt power, depending on what’s available in your vehicle,

• Uses a Secop type BD35F compressor,

• Consumes around 265 Watts per 24 hours (W/24h). Full information about the type BD35F compressor, including technical specifications, is available online from Secop (formally known as Danfoss).

What is Watts per hour?

A watts (W) is a unit which measures power, and refers to the electrical power of the device – in this instance, a fridge. For example, a lightbulb might have a power of 60 W, and a microwave may have a maximum power of 900 W. The Cruise Classic CR49 has a power draw of 265 Watts per 24 hours, also written as 265 W/24h. This means that, if you’ve got a 1200 Wh (or Watt hour) leisure battery, it will be able to power the CR49 for about four and a half days – assuming the refrigerator is the only thing plugged into it!

Your leisure battery

It’s important to calculate the energy demands of all the electrical accessories you install in your campervan or motorhome, and ensure that your leisure battery will be able to handle powering all of them. There’s a lot more detailed and technical information about this subject available online, but we hope this has helped put the energy draw of the Cruise Classic into context for you.

As with any electrical product, we always recommend that these fridges are installed by an experienced and certified professional if you’re in any doubt of what to do.