Swivel Seat Base (With Seat Box & Safe) VW T5 and VW T6

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This is a fantastic quality swivel seat base, complete with an integrated box and safe. It's fully TUV approved and thoroughly tested. Fits nearside (left) or offside (right) on T5s and T6s.

Allows you to rotate the seat to face the living area of your van – when stationary, of course! The heavy duty steel box safe hidden beneath the seat cushion gives excellent security for valuables or travel documents when you're on the road or parked up.

Please Note: This can only be used on vehicles with a walkthrough these can not be used with a twin seat.

If fitting this swivel seat base with box safe to the driver's side, you will also need a handbrake lever relocation kit (J40193) to mount and prevent the swivel seat snagging your handbrake.