Front Seat Swivel Base Offside (Right) VW T5 and T6 (Leisure Battery)

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1 × Front Seat Swivel Base Left Nearside (With Leisure Battery) T5 and T6's
1 × Handbrake Relocation Kit for Seat Swivel Base VW T5 and T6 Right-Hand Drive

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Seat Swivel Base for VWT5   Passenger 2010 On with Leisure Battery Fitted
Handbrake Relocation Kit for VW T5  RHD  2003 on

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Front Seat Swivel Base Offside (Right) VW T5 and T6 (Leisure Battery)
Front Seat Swivel Base Offside (Right) VW T5 and T6 (Leisure Battery)

In stock

£20.89 £21.50

Bundle Contents

    Want to make the most out of the space in your camper? This swivel seal base will allow you to turn your drivers’ seat to face the living area in the rear of your vehicle once you’re parked up, so you can stay comfy while chatting, eating and hanging out with everyone in the back of the van.

    Fits beneath the offside (right) seat in the VW T5 and T5.1, and the T6 and T6.1 – this is the drivers’ side seat in right-hand drive vehicles.

    This swivel seat base is designed to cater to vehicles which have a leisure battery located beneath the seat.

    Please note that this kit is not suitable for vehicles without a walkthrough between the cab and rear of the vehicle, or Transporters fitted with twin seats, as the seat will need space to turn.

    Designed for vehicles with a leisure battery located beneath the drivers’ seat. The design of the swivel base means that you won’t need to relocate your leisure battery, but it will require you to move your handbrake, so you can spin around without hitting it. Handbrake relocation bracket included.

    The seat base is fully TUV approved, so you can rest assured that it won’t compromise the safety of your seat.

    TUV certification is a sign that a product has been checked and endorsed by a renowned third-party organisation.

    TUV stands for Technischer Überwachungsverein (so it should really be TÜV), and is recognised around the world as a mark of quality in all sorts of products from all sorts of industries.