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1 × Accelerator Pedal VW T2 1973–1976
1 × Accelerator Pedal Hinge Kit (3-Piece) VW T2 Split 1955–1967 VW T2 Bay 1967–1979

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Accelerator Pedal VW T2 1973 1976
Accelerator Pedal Hinge Kit  3 Piece  VW T2 Bay 1967 1979

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Accelerator Pedal Bundle Kit VW T2 Bay 1973 1976
Accelerator Pedal Bundle Kit VW T2 Bay 1973-1976

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£8.84 £9.76

Bundle Contents
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    Time to replace that worn or sticky pedal? Do it now with our budget-priced bundle replacement kit which includes accelerator pedal, hinge, pin and spring. A poorly functioning pedal will impede performance and can be dangerous. The kit fits all VW T2 Bays from 1973 to 1976.

    Kit contains: Accelerator pedal Hinge Pin Spring