Preservation Parts Offside Closing Repair Panel VW T2 Bay 1967—1979

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Quality Preservation Parts product. Made exclusively for Just Kampers, on our JK HQ site, here in Odiham, Hampshire.

Fitting your vehicle with only the highest quality repo parts, will ensure the safety and quality of your classic camper for years to come!

Please note, these parts are manufactured to fit perfectly to the shape of your van, as it left the factory. These parts may require modification, if your classic has been subject to prior modifications over the years. Alteration may need to be done, to perfectly suit your long lived camper.

Offside Closing Repair Panel VW T2 Bay 1967—1979 

Why should I replace my existing classic part?

Tight fitting areas which are near the ground have a tendency to collect water and moisture. These can be some of the last places to dry out. As water congregates on surfaces this can lead to rusting and corrosion, which will later result in weakness of the supporting structure.

As soon as this happens, it’s important that parts and panels are replaced. If the rear of your inner sill has begun to rust, it’s likely that the lower wheel tub may have also accumulated some. To avoid a more complicated repair, we have included a small area of metal to replace any adjoining surface of the lower wheel tub, if necessary!

Preservation Parts History

Preservation Parts’ mission is to remove the hassle and guesswork from rebuilding you’re your old classics. Classic cars are more than just a passion project, so these experts of their trade chose to eradicate nuisance from rebuilding your project! They launched their first range of top-quality products, in 2012. 

Since then, their catalogue has been expanded and refined. They produce components to fit all areas of classic VW's and produce some of the very best parts and accessories available in the world. These range from simple cup holders to complex adjustable narrowed beams!

Manufacturers of perfect VW parts replicas...

All our Preservation Parts panels and parts are made on-site at JK HQ in Odiham, using top quality steel sourced from the UK. Each product is made by hand, so each product is produced with a considered approach. Features are replicated with meticulous accuracy; PP really are artists of the classic parts market. For more complicated parts, they will use additional processes, in aid of producing the best outcome. This can include CNC milling and laser cutting where necessary, to replicate certain features as accurately as possible. 

Once assembled, components are powder-coated in a distinctive grey, to protect them on their way to you. This paint also prevents damage by the elements, should your parts be stored for some time before fitting.