Preservation Parts 'New' 1776cc Engine VW Beetle 1968-2003 VW T2 Bay 1970-1979

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Please call for availability before ordering If you need a new engine and you want the ultimate peace of mind, our range of 'New' engines are just what you are looking for. We so confident in the quality, they all come with a 12 month, unlimited mileage warranty. Our 1776cc engines come with bigger pistons and barrels, big valve heads and a mild performance camshaft. Which means a big improvement in power and torque over a regular 1600cc engine. We do reuse some original VW parts, as you'll see from the specification below. This is not a cost cutting exercise, in some cases the original parts are better than the new parts available, it's a simple as that. And we do try to do our bit for the environment, so throwing away a quality useable part to replace it with something inferior, is in our opinion, a pointless waste of natural resources. All reused original parts are thoroughly tested and checked to be well within manufacturers tolerances. We wouldn't use them if they weren't right.

Supplied on a service exchange basis and you will need to pay a refundable deposit (see below). This engine is offered on a service exchange basis. When you order, we ask you to pay a refundable deposit of £480 which is charged in addition to the original cost of the unit. You should retain the packaging in which your engine arrives and, once you have fitted the unit, use this same packaging to return the old part to us. You will need to return the old unit to us within two months and we will collect it from you on your instruction. Once returned, the unit is checked to ensure that it is complete and suitable for reconditioning before your full deposit can be refunded to your credit or debit card. To make the return of your old unit as easy as possible follow these simple guidelines: Place your old unit in the packaging provided and repack in exactly the same way as your new product arrived. Disassembled units are not acceptable. Ring JK Sales on 0845 121 5656 or email and they will arrange collection. Please quote the invoice number. Old units will be credited, where applicable, in full up to two months from the date of purchase. Old units returned after this period will be credited at our discretion. In this way, we – and yourselves – can help ensure that future generations will have an ongoing, cost-effective source of replacement parts for their vehicles.

1776cc Specification • New heavy duty Autolinea crank case • New twin port cylinder heads with all new stainless steel valves, springs, tops and collets • New standard camshaft & new cam gear • New cam followers • New AA barrels and pistons • Genuine VW crankshaft with new crank drive gears • All new Silverline main, big end & cam bearings • Original VW con rods inspected for twist, alignment & balance • New small end bushes • Original VW push rods and rocker gear assembly • New heavy duty oil pump • New stainless steel push rod tubes • Full Elring gasket set and Bosch spark plugs • New rocker covers • New 200mm flywheel • New oil cooler • Supplied with all necessary fitting gaskets.