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Kampa Dometic Lucerne Double Sleeping Bag in Red (8 Tog)

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Quality Kampa product. A high-quality sleeping bag for some, is considered an essential. Afterall, a good over-night rest is the foundation to set yourself up for another good day! Good sleep – good mood! Take the time to read about the Kampa Dometic Lucerne 8 double sleeping bag, and you’ll discover a wealth of features that would improve your camping experience.

At a glance

• Rated at 8 tog which ensures use from spring until Autumn,

• Generously proportioned with plenty of legroom so that you can stretch out as you snooze,

• Designed in a dusky deep red for a subtle addition of colour,

• When laid out in setting, the bag measures approximately 225 cm long by 150 cm wide,

• Versatile comfort within temperature conditions of 6.5 °C down to -12.3 °C.

Kampa Lucerne 8 Tog double sleeping bag

This soft and sumptuous sleeping bag will envelop you as you sleep and guide you towards a good night’s rest. For a blissful rest through the night, you need to be well equipped with support and the correct insulation. This 8 tog sleeping bag will have you well prepared for conditions from 6.5 °C down to as low as -12.3 °C, so you can rest easy knowing that from spring till autumn you’ll be well comforted. The ground-breaking insulation layer has been reinforced by thread-bound stabilisation channels. The filling is held in place by channels of stitching which prevent the stuffing from redistributing itself within the bag over consistent use or washing. This extends the life of your product; this sleeping bag will stay by your side and you camping lifestyle for years to come. The heavy-duty zip can be fully opened if you prefer to kick a leg out as you sleep – be careful that you’re not grabbed by a monster lurking under your travel bed!


Sleeping bags are generally rated by the seasons, which corresponds to how much of the year you can use them for. Three season bags are ideal for spring, summer, and autumn, but won’t keep you warm enough overnight in the dead of winter. As this bag is rated at 3 seasons, you are well supported throughout the height of camping season, but unfortunately will not be well prepared if you enjoy camping during the winter months or in colder climates. As well as being useful for much of the year, 3 season sleeping bags are generally a lot lighter and pack away much smaller than bags designed for the middle of winter, which is ideal for campers where space is always at a premium.

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