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Hobbyweld MIG Welding Mix 5 Plus Gas 20 litre Cylinder (Gas) Refill (Collection only)

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If you’re an occasional welder this Hobbyweld 5, 20 litre cylinder of MIG welding gas is the answer to your prayers. With no cylinder rental to pay and offering huge savings over the disposable option, this professional MIG welding gas combines high performance with exceptional value. On average, disposable cartridges are 16 times more expensive per litre than Hobbyweld refillable gas cylinders! Perfect for welding sheet and thin sections of mild steel up to 5mm thick on your VW’s bodywork.

Please note this is a refill only for exchange with your empty hobbyweld bottle.

Please note this is a refill only for exchange with your empty bottle.

New To Hobbyweld? 

If you are new to Hobbyweld and do not have a bottle to exchange. You will need to pay a deposit and fill out some straightforward paperwork prior to collection. Please contact sales@justkampers.co.uk and we will arrange this for you. 

Cylinder gas pressure: 230bar/3335psi Valves: 5/8 BSP female righthand and 3/8 BSP male righthand (CO2) – industry standard for welding applications and compatible with all standard regulators Dimensions: Height 950mm, diameter 200mm Low porosity and low oxidation potential Good arc stability