Forward Side Tinted Window Glass Offside (Right) Ford Transit 2013 Onwards (MWB, LWB and XLWB)

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Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. Designed to perfectly fit the forward side panel on your Ford Transit, our tinted side windows are shaped so they’re easy to install and give you the most light possible through the tint.

At a glance:

• Fits the offside (right) forward side window on your Ford Transit,

• The glass measures approximately 1369 mm by 753 mm, • Strong window tint, with 33% light transparency,

• Fully E marked and safety tested,

• Unsuitable for use in taxis, due to the dark tint.

Fitting information:

Fits the forward side panel, opposite the sliding door on the offside (right) of the medium wheelbase, long wheelbase or extra-long wheelbase Ford Transit built from 2013 onwards. The window measures around 1369 mm by 753 mm, and has a dark window tint with 33% light transparency. This glass is designed for right-hand drive vans, which will have the sliding door on the nearside (left).

Fitting windows at home

It’s entirely possible for you to fit your new tinted windows yourself at home, if you’ve got the tools, skills and experience to take on the job as a DIY project. However, we do recommend that you get a professional to do the job for you if you’re at all unsure of what to do. A trained and experienced expert will be able to install the glass quickly and safely, and avoid mistakes being made. Watch our fitting guide video for information on DIY installation of window glass.

Make fitting easier with a glass bonding kit

Whether you’re tackling the installation of these windows as a DIY project, or you’re getting an expert in to do the job, you’ll need a window bonding kit: J18126, which includes a tube of adhesive bonding agent, to fix the glass in place and a felt applicator, to spread the adhesive to where you need it. There’s also a cleaning sachet and bottle of glass primer, to get the windows prepped and ready to be installed.

Fully E marked

All the glass we sell at JK has been fully tested for quality and safety, and has it’s E Code mark. This code shows that the product has been approved and certified.

Delivering glass

Please be aware that, due to the size, weight and fragile nature of this glass window, we can only arrange for it to be delivered to Mainland UK addresses.

Will fitting new windows affect my vehicle insurance? Please note that fitting windows to your vehicle, where there weren’t windows before, may affect your insurance. We advise contacting your insurance company before fitting the windows, to see whether it will affect your policy and how. If you’re insured with Just Kampers Insurance, you can contact them on 01256 976203.