Eazy Spinner Double Passenger Seat Swivel Base for VW T5 and T6

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Want to make the most out of your VW Transporter? Spend an hour fitting an Eazy Spinner seat base beneath your double passenger seats, and you’ll be able to face into the back of your camper in moments. This swivel seat base is fully M1 safety tested and certified, and allows you to move your seat position into the back of the campervan so you can sit at the table, or simply spin in place.

At a glance:

• Made to a high standard with British mild steel, right here in the UK,

• Fits models of the VW T5 and VW T6 (Right Hand Drive only) quickly and easily with simple tools,

• Lets you move the seat on runners into the cargo area of your van, making it even more useable,

• Allows you to use your double passenger seats to sit at the table in the back of your camper,

• Spins both ways, so you can roll your seats into the back and look out of the sliding door, too!

The easy spinner swivel seat base is a super useful and really innovative product, and will totally transform the way you use your T5 or T6 while you’re out and about on camping adventures.

Will this fit my vehicle?

Fits beneath the double passenger seats on VW T5s built from 2003 to 2015 and VW T6s built from 2015 onwards. This includes the facelift T5.1 and T6.1 models, too. However, please note that this seat can't be used if you have a leisure battery located underneath your seat, or with heated or electric seats (basically any wiring that goes to the seat), as it will interfere with the rotation and movement of the seat.

How to install your new Eazy Spinner swivel seat base: Full fitting instructions can be found further down this page. It’s a four stage process, and covers removing the seat, modifying your floor bolts, fitting the swivel base, and reinstalling the seats. Photos are included with the instructions, too. It should take you around one hour to install the easy swivel, and you’ll need a ratchet with a 16 mm socket, and a metal saw or angle grinder to slightly modify your floor bolts. Please be aware that fitting this seat base will raise the height of your seating position by 5.7 cm, which is the height of the swivel base.

Fully pull tested and M1 certified: The easy spinner double seat swivel base has been out through pull testing, and has received it’s M1 certifications for passing this test. Pull testing is the go-to safety test for ensuring the mounts and fixings of vehicle seats are strong and secure enough to withstand the pressures of a vehicle collision.

The test simulates a crash at 30 miles per hour into solid concrete, and subjects the seat to the same pressures experienced during such a crash. Seats which pass this test are awarded the M1 standard, which has been set out by the European Union for passenger-carrying vehicles carry no more than eight seats.

The pull test also ensures that the seatbelt mounting points remain located in the correct position, in relation to an adult’s hip and shoulder. Having these mounting points placed correctly reduces the risk of severe injury in the event of a crash.

Size, weight and materials: • 5.7 cm tall, • 53.5 cm wide, • 60 cm long, • Weighs 38 kg, • Made from 6mm thick British mild steel.

Please note that the rear cargo floor area must be no more than 12mm to be compatible with this product. This Swivel Base is not suitable for Left Hand Drive Vehicles.