Dometic CoolMatic CRX50 Premium Compressor Cabinet Fridge/Freezer (48 Litre) Stainless Steel Finish

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Quality Dometic product. The CoolMatic CRX50 is a highly versatile, 48-litre fridge freezer. The unit fits easily into many different camping conversions, and can be powered by either 12 volt or 24 volt power. 


You can also use the CRX50 on 240 volt mains power, if you use it with J40440. 


At a glance:

• Features a removable freezer compartment, to give you more flexibility,

• Uses intelligent electronics, and consumed up to 25% less power,

• Can function as a fridge, freezer or combination fridge-freezer,

• The hinges are located on the right-hand side of the unit,

• Operates with minimal noise, thanks to the high-quality build components. 


Ideal for a massive range of different campervan conversions, as well as more traditional builds like the Westfalia or Dormobile, the CRX50 is a perfect fit for your camper.


You don’t have to be on four wheels to make the most of the CoolMatic CRX50 – it will fit just as well in a caravan, RV or boat!



Width: 380 mm,

Height: 534 mm,

Depth 500 mm,

Total capacity: 48 litres,

Fridge capacity 43.6 litres,

Freezer capacity: 4.4 litres, 

Total weight: 17 kg.


Dometic are proud of their new, patented invention for the Coolmatic CRX50: A removable freezer compartment which lets you expand the internal space within the fridge-freezer. 


This removable freezer unit gives you more flexibility while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Dometic have also claimed that the electronics within the CRX50 can lead to it consuming around 25% less power while also making very little noise. 


Key Features:

• Five different temperature settings allow you more control over your power draw,

• Two-way battery protection is built in, safeguarding your CRX50 and your leisure battery,

• The internal space can be reconfigured to add or remove shelves, baskets and bottle holders,

• Finished in a sleek silver colour, to compliment any interior style, 

• The smart control panel makes it easy to alter settings in a flash. 


How does the CRX50’s compressor work?

Dometic’s new CRX range uses R134a as a refrigerant. This chemical changes from a liquid to a gas in the fridge’s evaporator, which extracts heat from the inside of the fridge and cools the interior. 

This heat is then dissipated into the atmosphere before the refrigerant, now cooled down, goes back to start the process again. 


Technical Information:

Refrigerant type: R134a – Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases,

Global Warming Potential: 1430,

Refrigerant quantity: 38 grams,

Energy consumption: 267.84 Watt hours per 24 hours, (measured in DC power at 5 to 25 degrees Celsius),

Climate class: T. 


Global Warming Potential (GWP):

A Global Warming Potential, or GWP, is assigned to a product or material based on the gasses it uses, to help gauge its potential environmental impact.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the gas against which all others are measured. The timeframe used is set to 100 years.

This means that GWP measures the effect of a gas on the environment over a century, compared to carbon dioxide. A higher GWP score for a gas – or a product which contains or uses that gas – the more that gas will contribute to global warming and climate change.

Methane, for example, has a GWP score of between 28 and 36 over 100 years, because it absorbs significantly more energy (trapping heat in the atmosphere) than CO2, despite not lingering in the atmosphere for as long.

The GWP for the CRX50 and the gasses used within it is 1430, according to Dometic’s own data.


Refrigerant quantity: 

This is simply a measure of how much refrigerant there needs to be in your fridge’s system for it to work at its best. In the unlikely event that you’ll need to refill the refrigerant in your fridge-freezer, the optimal quantity is 38 grams.

However, before refilling it, it’s best to exhaust all other possibilities which could be contributing to reduced performance, like damage to the door or door seal, dust or dirt on the exchange coils, or obstruction of the fridge’s fan.

Climatic Class:

Manufacturers assign a Climate Class to their refrigeration products, so you know the optimal temperature range for your fridge-freezer to work on. The CRX50 fridge-freezer is rated T, or Tropical, which means it works best at temperatures between +16 °C to +43°C.

The CRX50 will operate outside of these temperatures, but it won’t be nearly so efficient and could decrease the overall lifespan of the unit. 

The full range of grades are:

• SN – Subnormal: +10 °C to +32°C

• N ­– Normal: +16°C to +32°C

• ST – Subtropical: +16°C to +38°C

• T – Tropical: +16°C to +43°C