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Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. Keep the warmth in, block the light out, and keep your privacy with a set of three thermo mats for your VW T4. We’ve designed these thermomats to perfectly fit to the windscreen and both the nearside (left) and offside (right) cab doors on your T4, so there won’t be any gaps around the edges for sunlight to sneak in through.

At a glance:

• Designed by JK and refined over the years, so they keep getting better,

• Attached to the inside of your windows with a set of suction cups, which is nice and easy,

• Made from seven layers of different materials, which provide excellent insulation in the winter,

• The silver material facing out of the windows reflects light away, to keep the interior cool in the summer,

• Easy to take down and roll into the carry bag so you can stow them away in your T4. We came up with the initial design for these thermo mats years ago, and they’ve just gotten better since then. We’ve improved the types of materials we use, the quality of the stitching and the number of layers inside each thermo mat.

Fitting information:

Fits the windscreen, nearside (left) cab window and offside (right) cab window on the VW T4 built from 1990 to 2003. Easily attached to the window glass using the suction cups, which are included. High quality eyelets are pressed into the material, and the attachment points on the rubber suction cups fit into these eyelets giving you a secure fix. You can sleep soundly knowing they won’t fall off in the night and have you waking up at the crack of dawn!

How they work:

Designed to be the ultimate camping accessory for adventures in your van year-round, our thermomats are invaluable for any season.

Keeping the light at bay

Installing thermo mats over your windows will give you a secure cover over your front three windows, so no light can sneak through. You can fit blackout curtains over your rear windows, but you’ll still wake up far too early if the sun comes streaking in through the cab! Because we’ve designed the thermo mats so that they’re the exact right size for your windows, so there aren’t any gaps for the sun to sneak in through. We’ve also ensured that the eyelets for the suction cups are placed far enough in to the material that there’s a good overlap between the edge of the mat and the edge of your window, for a secure seal.

Bouncing heat and light away

The outermost layer on our thermo mats is a highly reflective silver material, which will simply bounce sunlight back out of your van. This is perfect when you’re camping over the summer, as we’ve all woken up in a camper which felt more like an oven and regretted not cracking a window before we went to bed. A set of thermo mats will block sunlight from heating up the interior of your T4, so you’ll never again wake up feeling like you’re being cooked!

Stay warm in winter

But if the thermo mats stop me from getting too hot in the summer, won’t I be cold in winter? The short answer is, not at all! While the outer layer is perfect for reflecting strong sunlight away during the summer, the layers inside the thermo mats are ideal for helping keep your T4 warm in cooler weather. During the autumn and winter, the outside air will be far colder than the inside of your van, and so heat will try to escape through the glass in your windows, as glass is great as transferring heat. With seven layers of insulating material between the lovely warm air in your camper and the cold window glass, plenty of warmth will be trapped inside, keeping you nice and toasty no matter what the weather is doing outside.