JK 3 Piece Thermomat Cab Kit for Citroen Relay Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato from 2006 Onwards

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Quality JK product. This is a three-piece set of insulated thermomats to protect your vehicle from high and low temperatures. This set is made to fit the cab section on Citroen Relays, Peugeot Boxers and Fiat Ducatos from 2006 onwards. The kit features a quick and easy installation process, simply install by attaching the included suction cups and press onto the windows. If you’re looking to protect your van from crazy temperatures and nosy onlookers, then maybe you should take a pew and read about these. Why should I buy a thermomat cab kit? This kit protects the cab section of your van by insulating against both cold weather and hot weather. This is done by a combination of 5 insulation layers and an outward facing reflective layer. This reflective foil layer is perfect for shielding your vehicle from the sun. In the high heat of summer, the sunlight will simply reflect from your windscreen and away from the vehicle as opposed to being absorbed into the cab area. This is especially great if you have a darker vehicle because as we all know, darker paint absorbs more heat, and you can practically cook an egg on the bonnet of some vehicles in the summer! How does it insulate from the cold? To offer optimum insulation, we have developed a 5-layer system to form a thermo barrier. The 5 layers are made up in the following composition: • A reinforced silver foil layer (to be faced outward), • Secondary silver reflective layer, • Foam layer, • Insulation layer, • Upholstered grey fabric layer (to be faced inward). The thermomats are very easy to be cleaned, they can be brushed, vacuumed or wiped clean with a damp cloth. How to install The installation process is easy and quick. Simply take your suction cups and compress the top hoop end. Push this through the hole in the thermomat so that the suckers face is the same side as the silver foil. Once you have installed all the suckers, simply line up against the window and press them firmly. Job done!

Please note: During storage, it's possible that some of the suction cups may bend and appear deformed. This is easily fixed, but will affect their ability to properly stick to glass, metal and other clean, flat surfaces. In the unlikely event that this does happen to any of your suction cups, here's how to fix the problem: • Boil around 500 ml of water, and allow to cool a little, and then carefully pour it into a bowl, • Gently place any affected suction cups into the water, being careful not to splash any hot water, and leave them to soak for five minutes, • The hot water will help the suction cups to return to their usual, concave form and straighten out any bends, • Take care to remove the suction cups from the water once it's cooled, and while the cups are still warm and soft, reform them to their correct shape. You should only handle the suction cups if they're cool enough to safely touch.