Clarke Tall Instant Garage Heavy Duty (2.78 x 4.5 x 3.1 m) - JK Exclusive

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JK exclusive product, made for us by Clarke. If you’re looking to shield your vehicle from the elements, but don’t have a brick-and-mortar garage, this instant, heavy-duty garage could be the perfect solution. This is the second tallest instant garage we offer, at 278 cm (or 9 feet) tall. This gives you plenty of room to fit taller vehicles, including campervans with pop tops or high-top conversions.

The door itself is 216 cm (or 7 foot) tall, which will allow you to drive most vehicles straight into it. However, if your van is taller than this, and you’re looking to keep it sheltered for a long period of time, you can simply erect the instant garage around the vehicle itself!

At a glance:

• JK exclusive, and built to the high quality you’d expect from Clarke,

• The metal poles are powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance,

• Includes a ratchet tensioning system, for even more stability,

• The canvas shell is made of a triple layer of toughened, waterproof polyethylene fabric,

• Supplied with all the fittings you’ll need to set it up and secure it in place.

Setting up your instant garage is quick and easy, using the instructions to assemble the push-fit poles and fixing the canvas in place securely. There’s a full set of heavy-duty anchors which will keep the garage stable in any weather. The poles which form the skeleton of the instant garage are made from high quality steel, and all have been powder coated. This adds a layer of additional protection to the metal, making them even more resistant to the effects of weathering and corrosion.

The powder coating also ensures that they won’t peel or chip, and will stand up better to damage. Over the top of this steel framework is the heavy-duty canvas. Made from a triple layer of advanced fabrics, it’s waterproof and has been treated to offer UV protection, to harsh sunlight won’t affect your vehicle while it’s stored in the JK instant garage. The canvas has also been treated to prevent it from fading, as well as having great resistance to ageing, fungus and yellowing.


Height: 278 cm (9 feet),

Depth: 450 cm (15 feet),

Width: 310 cm (10 feet 1 inch),

Weight: 52 kg.

Door dimensions:

Height: 216 cm (7 feet),

Width: 251 cm (8 feet 3 inches).

We’ve designed these instant garages to provide an ideal shelter for your vehicle, but our customers have shown there’s a huge range of uses for them! They can be used as site storage for building projects, temporary workspaces for race teams, outdoor storage for schools, and a sheltered garage for working on your vehicle.

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Please be aware that, due to the heavy-duty nature of this product, and the size and quantity of the powder-coated steel beams, this product is unusually heavy, weighing in at 65 kg. While this certainly won’t be a problem once it’s set up and protecting your camper, it may require two people to move it once it’s delivered to you.