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1 × Fiamma Carry-Bike Rack T4 1990–2003 (Double Rear Doors)
1 × Protective Cycle Cover for 2 Bikes

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Fiamma Carry-Bike Rack T4 1990–2003 (Double Rear Doors)
Cycle Cover for 4 Bikes

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Fiamma Bike Rack  With Bike Cover  T4 1990 2003  Double Rear Door
Fiamma Bike Rack (With Bike Cover) T4 1990–2003 (Double Rear Door)

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Bundle Contents
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    Quality Fiamma product. Lightweight anodized aluminium lightweight bike rack. Designed for T4s with double rear doors from 1990 to 2003. Carries a maximum of 2 bikes, with a Just Kampers bike cover! Quick and easy to install. No need to drill anything into your T4. Kit includes two premium rails; two Bike Block Pro (Red); one security strap and 1 rack holder. Please Note: The ends on the Bike blocks rotate to allow fitting to your bikes frame. Before first use these can be very tight and need to be firmly rotated to allow them to move freely.

    Dimensions: Max - width 128cm x depth 42cm x 137.5cm Max Load: 35kg C-B Weight: 7.7kg Can ONLY take a tyre width of 6.5cm MAX Max No of Cycles: 2 Bike Block: 1-2 Rail: Premium TUV-Approved