Automatic A, B & C Powder Fire Extinguisher 2.0kg

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Automatic A, B & C Powder Fire Extinguisher 2.0kg

JK Part Number: J15335


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2kg, fully automatic fire extinguisher. Functions independently with no help from an operator. Fits all VWs, and is easy to install.
Ideal for vehicle engine bays and most other areas where there are automated equipment operating and not usually an operator present.
These units work similar to a sprinkler system where the head contains a glass vial containing a liquid. The liquid expands with the presence of heat up to around 79 degrees C then breaks the vial allowing the powder to discharge approx 10 seconds over an area of 2 square metres.
To be installed with operating head 15-90 degrees below the horizontal.

Economical A,B & C Dry Powder Automatic
Size: Maximum length 365mm Maximum diameter (including bracket) 110mm
Manufactured under BS5306 EN3 ISO 9001:2000
Manufactured in UK
Stored Pressure
Easy Low Cost Maintenance
Safe for Use on Electrical Equipment
Suitable for A, B & C Fire Classifications
Nylon Coated, Steel Wire Bracket

Finance Available on This Product Yes
Width (CM - Packed) 14.0
Height (CM - Packed) 14.0
Depth (CM - Packed) 41.0
Shipping To Mainland UK Only Yes
Manufacturer Unbranded
Additional Carriage Charge 0.0
Special Order Lead time 0

Customer Reviews (4)

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  • Can't be too careful

    With the amount of campers going up in smoke, i didn't want to risk mine. So this is such an easy install and a great price too. I can now drive in comfort knowing that my investment is safe

    by john richards on 16/10/2015

  • All Good

    All looks to be very good, delivered on time and simple instructions printed on the extinguisher. fitting it over the Easter bank holiday.

    by Josey on 06/04/2017

  • Excellent Value for a little more peace of mind

    Like others have said the fear caused by so many buses going up in smoke hastened my decision to purchase this coupled with an excellent discount offer from JK.

    I bought the larger version, my thinking being I didn't want to be standing on the hard shoulder seeing my bus continue to burn thinking I wish I had spent an extra tenner for a bit more powder.

    Fear of a fire has reduced to be taken over by the fear of this thing going off in error... Then again... If it wasn't this it would be something else and they say owning a bus is meant to be a relaxing lifestyle

    by Justin Flat 4VW Club Bromsgrove on 17/10/2017

  • Excellent

    Looks all OK but not fitted as yet, instructions printed on side, should be no problem

    by Clive on 17/10/2017

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Questions & Answers (10)

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    • Steven said: 03/03/2010 21:35
    • would this extinguisher be suitable to site in the engine compartment of a bay window camper.
    • Answer: This is exactly the location we had in mind when we got this item in to stock. Thanks
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    • Manuel said: 30/05/2010 17:51
    • And would it fit in a T25 engine bay?
    • Answer: The clearance may be limited on the T25, the unit is approximately 40cm long and 10cm in Dia. so I would suggest measuring any open areas within your engine bay
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • bee said: 02/06/2010 15:35
    • How does it work please?
    • Answer: The extinguisher has a temperature actuated valve that releases the contents thru a nozzle that spays it onot a dispersing fan that spreads it throughout the engine bay
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Patrick said: 04/06/2010 15:47
    • What are its approximate dimensions? The stated ones of 40cm x 1cm seem a little odd.
    • Answer: 10cm sorry my error, I will correct this
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Ryan said: 10/06/2010 17:28
    • Where would you position this in a Bay Window engine compartment. Would it be as efficient as a flexible pipe system?
    • Answer: This would fit to the top of the engine bay with the body of the extinguisher at a slight angle. I would try to position the outlet centrally to maximise the area sprayed. I personally prefer this system to the hose variety as this unit engulfs the whole area with the powder where as the hose type only sprays in one area initially
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Matthew said: 18/06/2010 12:49
    • Obiously I would prefer my van to be saved, but if this estinguisher went off accidentally would it cause any damage?
    • Answer: If for some reason the fire extinguisher were to go off accidently (very unlikely though) the only issue you would have would be cleaning the powder out of all the knooks and cranies, but this would be a matter of using a vacuum cleaner and some persistance
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Kim said: 06/04/2013 14:41
    • I haven't measured the temp in my bay engine area, but to me 79 c sounds like a little low. Is there any chance it'll blow the powder a hot summers day with me pushing the poor bay up a steep hill?
    • Answer: It will not go off by the temperature in the engine bay. It has to get a lot hotter than that. We have never heard of one going off through engine heat alone.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • simon brooks said: 21/07/2013 17:45
    • Hi there, does the extinguisher come with fitting instructions or fixing bracket? many thanks, Simon.
    • Answer: This particular extinguisher comes with a metal wire type bracket which can be seen in the item picture above.

      The extinguisher also comes with a guide on how to operate it.


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    • Bluebay said: 17/09/2013 13:48
    • The bracket would have to be mounted on the underside of the engine compartment. Is the bracket strong enought to stop the extinguisher falling out? Would it need to be strapped in?
    • Answer: The bracket is strong enough we do have people strap them in for piece of mind too .
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Chris S said: 04/10/2013 00:06
    • Received mine today for my T2, but unfortunately no instructions or guide. Advice online seem to indicate vertical fitting required with nozzle facing down, but info here suggests horizontal ok with slight incline (which way?). A pic or drawing indicating direction of spray would be useful for those who've never seen one fitted before.
    • Answer: they need to sit at a 15 degree angle pointing down so it can cover the full engine bay
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