CSP Type 1 Engine Header And Pre-Heater Flanges (38mm)

Part Number
OEM Part Number
251 001 138SV
Available In 21 Days
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Quality CSP product. To be used with CSP 38mm heat exchangers J31776 and J31775.

Due to customer requests, the stainless steel CSP SuperComp VW Type 1 header is now also available separately.

This equal-length header is made out 1.4512 stainless steel and equipped with 8mm steel flanges.

The 4-into-1 collector is located in line with the engine centreline. The 38mm header is supplied with all necessary hardware, U-clamps and adapter sleeves in case you want to install the system to 35mm J-tubes or heat exchangers.

We can also supply stainless steel heater hoses and/or single pre-heater flanges.