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Fiamma F45S Adapter Bracket Kit – VW T4 & T4 with Lift Roof (1990 – 2003)

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Genuine Fiamma Bracket Kit for Canopy Awnings

Quality Fiamma produced brackets. These are an essential part of any canopy awning installation. For a secure fit, Fiamma Awnings should always be mounted via Fiamma brackets. A vast range of attachment kits have been designed by Fiamma, to facilitate a successful attachment of your awning and work with the unique features of your vehicle. Brackets extend upward from the outermost edge of your roof. This provides a mounting plate; an essential structure which you can mount your canopy case to.

This awning bracket kit is the most suitable attachment method available, for fixing Fiamma F45 awnings to VW T4’s and T4’s with lift roofs, produced from 1990 to 2003. Suitable only for low roof and small or medium wheelbase models.


F45 Bracket Kit SpecificationsFigures to follow are given as approximates:

  • Fitted Bracket Height: 17.9 cm,
  • Fitted Bracket Depth: 5.7 cm,
  • Fitted Bracket Length: 14 cm,
  • Bracket Quantity: 2,
  • Fittings: Included.


Additional Information

You’ll need a helping of Polyurethane Caulking or Adhesive to ensure the bond between surface and brackets is secure. Sikaflex 252 bonding agent is recommended by Fiamma for use with their brackets. Find on our website, here: J47926.

For more information on fitting these brackets, please refer to Fiamma’s link below.

Fiamma’s Installation Guide for F45 Brackets!

Please reach out to a fitter prior to purchase, for confirmation your vehicle will support the weight of your preferred awning canopy. We recommend Fiamma products are fitted by a licensed professional.

Read through Fiamma’s Installation Guide thoroughly, prior to fitting or use; Fiamma can’t accept responsibility for damage due to improper practise.