CSP Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Porsche 356B

Part Number
OEM Part Number
499 356 5205B
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The Custom and Speed Parts 5 x 205 PCD disc brake conversion kit is a complete 'bolt on' kit with everything needed to fit the kit onto the Porsche 356B models. This kit provides modern braking whilst retaining the original stud pattern and therefore allowing the use of original wheels. Please read our detailed description before ordering.

The CSP 5 x 205 PCD disc brake conversion kit has been available since 1997 during which time it has become the most popular brake upgrade on the market. Thousands of kits have been sold and this means that this product is well and truly tried and tested. The CSP conversion has a tremendous reliability record. In terms of quality, the fact they were tested by the strict German TÜV and were given approval says it all! The CSP disc brake is basically a hub/disc combination and its simple construction makes it a bolt-on conversion. The CNC machined cast alloy hubs has German made discs with a diameter of 282 x 9mm bolted them. The modified calipers are also from a German mass production manufacturer. Based on the unmodified axle components of the respective cars the CSP disc brakes are mounted to the spindles by CNC machined adapters. There is no need to modify or alter the spindles, which makes it easy to swap back to the original drum brakes if requested. A TÜV certification is available for all CSP disc brake kits and is included in your order if it is of relevance in your country. This kit fits all models of Porsche 356B. Please note: When fitting a CSP disc brake conversion you will need to fit a dual circuit disc brake master cylinder 356 015 036, which is not included in the kit. Warning: This CSP brake kit will not accept wheels with less then 15"s diameter.