Outwell Padres Medium Storage Rack

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Quality Outwell product. The Padres medium storage rack is a superb product that collapses down for transport and unfolds for a useful source of storage space. Gone are the days of using those old stackable plastic boxes to store shoes and other bits and bobs.

This gorgeous rack is innovation at its finest and you can rest easy knowing it’s made from eco-friendly materials. Made from bamboo wood and two-tone shadow grey fabric, this storage aid will have you in awe of its stylish design.

At a glance

• Bamboo frame for an appealing colour, easy to carry as it is lightweight,

• Shadow grey fabric baskets for sleek design and flexibility,

• Basket maximum loading weight equates to five kg per basket,

• Baskets are reinforced with a flat plate for a study surface,

• Slim pack size allows for easy storage, packs up to approx. 44.5 cm wide, 99 cm high and 7cm deep.

Why should I purchase a padres medium storage rack?

Camping is fun but you will often find yourself limited by the amount that you’re able to carry with you. The Outwell Padres medium storage rack gives you the opportunity to bring more of your belongings with you and gives you a safe and convenient place to store them. The vertically stacked baskets allow for less use of important floor space and the reinforced plate at the bottom of the basket provides a sturdy surface for objects to stand on. The overhead framework can be used as a carry handle, which is useful for transporting. When set up in situ the storage rack measures 44.5 cm wide, 33.5 cm deep and 97.5 cm high. The lightweight bamboo frame allows for easy carrying and the whole unit weighs approximately 3.1 kg.

Get imaginative

This storage rack has a multitude of uses. Thanks to the resistant choice of materials, this makes for a versatile and stylish storage place. You could use it in conjunction with a portable shower tent and a solar shower. If you want to avoid putting your soaps, shampoos and loofas on the pitch floor, you could place it just outside the door and reach out when you need. Or alternatively if you enjoy dressing up your bedroom area just as professionally as you would at home, then this is a great place to store those extra pillows and cushions.

The world is your oyster when you use this versatile product. At the end of the day, everyone prefers a tidier environment when camping, or else things start to go missing. Keep in control of your belongings!