VW T2 Bay Replacement Offside (right) Underfloor Belly Pan (1972 – 1979)

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Great quality replacement underfloor belly pan. If there’s varying damage to the structure of your T2 Bay belly pan, it’s probably simpler to replace the whole thing rather than repairing issues individually.


At a glance:

  • Formed to fit the original factory VW design for a good fit to the vehicle body,
  • Complete replacement offside Belly Pan designed to fit T2 Bays from 1972 to 1979,
  • Additional panel, which sits between the chassis rail and the inner sill
  • Not fitted to all vehicles from factory, research prior as this panel may not be required,
  • Generally fitted to T2 Bay buses with factory sunroofs and Westfalia conversions.


T2 Bay Offside Belly Pan Replacement

This panel is an essential for those repairing damaged areas to the lower structure of their vehicle. This belly pan sits in between the chassis rail and your inner sill. This panel is correctly produced with all required pressings but please note that belly pans weren’t fitted to all VW T2 Bays.

These unique panels were generally fitted to Bay’s fitted with factory sunroofs, or vehicles converted by Westfalia. Some other late bay models were produced with belly pans but not all, so please research thoroughly before purchase as a belly pan may not be required. 

How’s it installed?

This panel should be welded into position to properly repair any loss of structure. We recommend invasive repairs like these are carried out by a licensed professional. Not all belly pans should be installed via welding, most later centre pans were bolted on. Please do not pre-book garage appointments before you’ve received the required parts.