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Preservation Parts Underfloor Belly Pan (Nearside) for VW T2 Bays 1967-1972

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Quality Preservation Parts product. These parts are made for Just Kampers on site at JK HQ right here in Odiham, Hampshire.

Why not grab an underfloor belly pan for the underneath nearside of your T2 bay? This part will prolong the life of your vehicle; Preservation Parts was developed for consumer confidence in the knowledge their replacement parts are perfect replica's of the original VW components.

Designed by us and hand made by PP, working in harmony to provide our customers with only the best products.

At a glance:

  • Powder coated in a distinctive grey, to keep your parts fresh in transit and storage,
  • Perfect parts mean that no excess pressures or warping occurs due to poor fitting parts,
  • Parts made using top quality steel, sourced from the UK,
  • The parts are made to the exact specifications of the original part,
  • Designed by JK and developed by Preservation Parts, growing range developing since 2012.

Please note, these parts are manufactured to fit perfectly to the shape of your van, as it left the factory. These parts may require modification, if your classic has been subject to prior modifications over the years. Alteration may need to be done, to perfectly suit your long lived camper. 

Underfloor Belly Pan (Nearside) for VW T2 Bays 1967-1972

It's common knowledge that this part was fitted to deluxe microbuses, to enhance their strength. Belly pans were also fitted to provide additional sound deadening, this helps to reduce road noise and external mechanical noise that may be unpleasant to listen to for extended periods of time.

This part is made via the exact measurements of the original parts, as made by the factory. If you ever need to replace a part or panel on your bus, then Preservation Parts have 100% got you covered.

Why should I replace my existing classic part?

This panel sits between the chassis rail and the inner sill. The underfloor belly pan is unfortunately, a part which can accumulate rust. When this happens, it’s important that the metal is removed and replaced as soon as possible. The area does get wet rather easily as it is close to the road surface and the Great British Weather often blesses us folk with rainy weather. As water gets into these areas over years, it leads to rust and corrosion.

Keep your van in tip top condition by replacing those parts in need of some TLC!

Preservation Parts History

PP products take the hassle and guesswork out of repairing or rebuilding you’re your classic VW. The staff at Preservation Parts are experts of their trade, with decades of experience. We design the parts based on the dimensions and preservation parts build and manufacture them by hand. We trial, test, and approve their products on our own vehicles at JK, so that you can keep continually purchase their products with confidence.

Preservation Parts launched their first range of top-quality products in 2012, they’ve been going strong ever since. All parts are high-quality and made to fit first time.

The Preservation Parts range has since been expanded and refined. It now includes a great variety of the very best parts and accessories available in the world; from cup holders to adjustable narrowed beams, the range is getting bigger and better every day.

Perfect replica's of original VW parts...

All our Preservation Parts panels, metalwork and parts are made on-site at JK HQ in Odiham, using top quality steel sourced from the UK. Each product is made by hand, with the exact same specifications and tolerances as the parts your vehicle left the factory with. Once the parts are completely assembled, they’re powder-coated in a distinctive grey, to protect them on their way to you and prevent against damage by the elements, should you need to store them anywhere before fitting.