Campingaz Series 400 ST Double Stove and Toaster

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Quality Campingaz product. The new Series 400 ST toaster and stove combo is the perfect way to start the day by taking the hassle out of making breakfast. No matter what the British summer throws at you, the Series 400 will be able to keep on going. Campingaz, say that their new burner technology can cut your boiling time in half.

At a glance:

• Features two 2200W burners and a 1200W toast maker to make cooking easier,

• New ‘Xcelerate’ burner technology can cut your boiling time in half and uses less gas,

• Folds away to just 61.5 cm long by 41 cm deep and 13.5 cm tall, and only weighs 7 kg,

• Can boil a litre of water in just six and a half minutes,

• Works on either propane or butane, depending on your preference.

Campingaz have designed the Series 400 double stove and toaster to be easy to use, highly portable and super efficient. You’ll be able to brew a round of teas, make some toast and heat up beans before anyone else has got their wellies on!

Technical information:

• Lit with a piezo ignition, which is both efficient and safe,

• Gas consumption rate for the burners: 165 grams per hour, • Gas consumption rate for the toaster: 75 grams per hour,

• Run time with 5kg propane cylinder: 16 hours,

• Run time with R907 butane cylinder: 9.5 hours,

• Outdoor boil time with wind speeds of three meters per second: 1 litre in 10 minutes,

• Outdoor boil time with no wind: 1 litre in 6.5 minutes. Please be aware that there are two burners on the unit, so running both at the same time will consume gas at a faster rate than 165 grams per hour.

Size and weight:

• Dimensions when closed away: 60 cm wide by 42 cm deep by 13 cm tall,

• Dimensions when opened up: 60 cm wide by 42 cm deep by 46 cm tall, 

• Weight: 7 kg,

• Suitable pan sizes: 16cm to 26cm.

What is Xcelerate?

Campingaz have redesigned the classic gas burner to make it more efficient and better suited to being used in the great outdoors. They’ve named this new design the Xcelerate burner, and have paired it with pan supports which block the wind, so a breeze won’t set the flames to flickering. Xcelerate is designed to allow to cook faster and more efficiently, reducing gas consumption. The new burner produces smaller, powerful flames, while also shielding them from the wind. Campingaz even claim that you can cut your boiling time in half!