AutoLinea Engine Aluminium Case 90.5 - 92 mm Cylinders

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Stronger than the original design this Auto Linea Aluminium Super race crank case features

Pre cut and finished for 90.5/92mm piston and liners, no machining required.

Dual-relief oil pressure galleries, oil pick up pipes included

8mm and 10mm case savers for head studs

Compatible for beetle, karmann, split or bay window

T1/T2 dipstick tube

Facility for full flow, but supplied fitted with blanking plug

Facility for type 3 oil filler hole

Filled in behind number 3 cylinder with aluminium to improve strength in this area

Raised roof design to accept longer stroke cranks. If you wish to build stroker, please check your specific application prior to purchase

Centre main bearing stud holes shuffle pinned to prevent movement

Additional note, some trimming will be required to correctly fit tinware