Fiamma Vauxhall Vivaro/Renault Trafic Carry-Bike Rack

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Quality Fiamma Bike Rack designed to fit perfectly to the back of your Vivaro or Trafic van. Designed specifically to fit vehicles with a single rear door.

Not only do they provide more opportunity for activities, but they also make it more convenient to travel to and from your pitch. There’s no need to use your transporter when you can cycle into the local town!

When cycling, you needn’t endure the nuisance of trying to find parking spaces. Plus, you can enjoy the satisfaction of decreasing your emissions output! The positives of travelling and camping with your bikes are endless, but you’ll need a sturdy product to support them…


At a glance:

  • Designed to fit the tailgate of Vivaro or Trafic models with a single rear door,
  • Can carry up to four bikes at maximum, when used in conjunction with optional extras,
  • Fiamma’s Rail Quick Pro technology facilities quick and secure locking of wheels to rail,
  • Tailgate can still be opened while the rack is mounted, so long as the bikes are removed,
  • Bike rail tray is compiled from stainless steel and aluminium for guaranteed strength.

Features and product information

Fiamma’s spent over 75 years developing progressive technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market. They spend copious hours refining and upgrading as they progress, and continually assess to provide their customers with better and improved products every time.

These Fiamma Carry-Bike Racks are developed with a wealth of considered features, to provide users with the best and easiest experience possible.

Vehicle suitability – This Aluminium Fiamma Carry-Bike Rack is designed for installation to Vauxhall Vivaro’s and Renault Trafic mini-vans, which feature a single rear door.


The rack will perfectly fit the following vehicles:

Vauxhall Vivaro,

Renault Trafic.


If your vehicle isn’t on the aforementioned list, you’ll probably require a different bike rack. Don’t worry, Fiamma’s extensive Carry-Bike range has a plethora of racks all suitable for different vehicles.

Click here to browse Fiamma’s other Carry-Bike Racks, available on our website!


Rear mounted – These high-quality Bike Racks are designed for fitting to the rear of your vehicle, so you can bring your bikes on holiday with you, with as little disruption to your driving quality as possible. An impressive bearing of this Bike Rack is it can be fitted to the vehicle, without necessity for drilling holes into the vehicle.

The rack comes complete with dedicated installation brackets, which should sit on the top edge of your vehicles rear door. Designed to fit the form of your vehicles shape, these brackets come with anti-scratch protection strips to be adhered to the vehicle side of the bracket. This thin rubber strip protects your door from contact with the metal bracket and enhances the grip of the bracket. Fiamma state’s that the vehicle should not be driven, if the rack is able to slide from side to side.

The bottom of the rack is also equipped with rubber and fabric protectors, to help secure the rack and absorb shock from movement. The rack features two small feet which sit either side of the rack and rest on the rear bumper. The bottom brackets are then attached, and this provides a rigid and tensioned fit to the vehicle. Be sure to wipe all surfaces which meet these protectors, to ensure as much grip as possible. Surface grease could prevent the rubber from facilitating a secure hold.

Please note: If assembling yourself, it’s imperative you read through the supplied assembly manual thoroughly, before you put the rack together.


Telescopic rail – Fiamma’s telescopic rail support base is made from a combination of stainless steel AISI 304 and aluminium 6060. This effectively provides a tray-like surface for mounting your bike rails to. The rail carrier is telescopic, which bodes potential for the fixing of additional bike rails. As you extend the tray outward, additional fixing points can be accessed for mounting up to four bike rails at one time. This Carry-Bike Rack comes complete with two bike rails as standard, additional rails are sold separately.

This provides super convenient versatility. There’s no need to fuss and purchase a new bike rack if you need to carry more bikes than last year! All you need is an extra bike rail and a few minutes to fit it.



Fitting and aftercare

Dimensions – Measurements are given as approximate figures.

The unit weighs 8.7 kg,

Maximum loading capacity of 60 kg.




Warranty information – This product comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

You must check the box and confirm the rack is correct before assembling.

Please understand, it’s imperative you read through the supplied assembly manual before you put the rack together. Please refer to the instructions regularly to avoid any user error! Fiamma can’t accept fault for any damage to your rack or vehicle if the product is used improperly, as a result of skimming instructions. 

If a Bike Rack is returned without diagnosed fault and shows signs of assembly or use, we cannot guarantee a refund for your purchase. Assembling the product causes immediate wear on areas of high tension. Once assembled, the product is no longer sellable, so please be sure to check the vehicle compatibility on the box, as soon as your order arrives.  

(Drilling not required)

Safety information – Read before purchasing:

Please verify with a trusted dealer that this bike rack is suitable for your vehicle. The vehicle must be of sound strength, to support the weight and tension of the loaded rack. Fiamma can’t accept responsibility for damage to your vehicle, as a result of incorrect installation and use.

If you’re without previous experience in fitting bike racks, it’s wise to seek fitting advice or service from a licensed professional.