Just Kampers Motorhome/Camper Fridge with 12v/240 capability

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Just Kampers Motorhome/Camper Fridge with 12v/240 capability

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Exclusive to Just Kampers, this 35ltr fridge unit can be operated on mains power (240v) when this is available. 12v battery power can be used when on the move to maintain ambient temperature. Finished in silver grey with dark grey trim, it can be used to replace the traditional RM123 unit and comes with a door that can be hinged either left or right according to your preference. Features include an interior light which functions on 240v operation only; 2 interior wire shelves and door shelf storage . Please Note: This product works by using the Absorption Effect. It is NOT the same as the fridge in your kitchen at home that uses a compressor to produce the cooling effect. For use in a Camper / Motor Home or Caravan the absorption style fridge does have some advantages. It doesn’t have any moving parts, it is virtually silent whilst running and with fewer parts you get a larger chilled box for the same amount of space, and they are cheaper to purchase. However these advantages have to be weighed against the disadvantages. Absorption fridges can ONLY work whilst flat and level (this means you will have to use levelling blocks). Please note that if you have lowered the front of your vehicle more than the rear then an absorption fridge will NEVER work in your vehicle unless it is sat on levelling blocks. They also produce a lot of heat at the rear of the unit, and this heat MUST be allowed to ventilate away or it simply cannot produce its maximum cooling effect (external vents will have to be installed). When running on 12v the fridge will not be able to draw down the temperature, but simply maintain the pre-chilled level. Fitting one of these Fridges will need a little planning as regards supplying ventilation. But if you don’t mind this, pre-chilling before your trip and levelling your wagon once you have arrived at your destination you get a lot of fridge for the money. For further information please read the Tech Sheet on our web site.

Capacity: 35 litres
Coolant/Insulation: CFC Free
Power: DC 12v 6.25amp AC 240v 0.33amp
Supplied with a cigarette lighter type plug and UK spec 3-pin plug for mains use.
Electrical Rating: 75w
Energy Consumption: 0.9kwh/24h
Net/Gross Weight: 13/15kg
Product Dimensions: H51cm x W38cm x D42cm
Colour: Silver Grey with Dark Grey Trim/White Interior
Tested and certified to meet all applicable UK electrical and safety standards

Please note that before every outing, the appliance must be run for at least 4 hours on mains operation. Once this is done, you can operate the fridge off your 12v battery for the duration of your journey. This will maintain the pre-achieved temperature until you arrive at your destination when you need to revert to a 230v supply to maintain temperature. Please note that the Interior Light does not operate on 12v power.

Please read the supplied Refrigerator Installation and Operating Instructions prior to use and keep for future reference.
(Please note that as with all fridges - modifications may be required to fit - please check dimensions carefully and contact a member of sales for further information if required)
To operate correctly when installed the fridge does require adequate ventilation.

Finance Available on This Product Yes
Deposit 0.0
Width (CM - Packed) 43.5
Height (CM - Packed) 48.0
Depth (CM - Packed) 59.5
Manufacturer Just Kampers
Additional Carriage Charge 0.0
Special Order Lead time 0

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  • Good on 240v...not good if no hookup available.

    We had one of these fitted by the guy who converted our van.

    On 240v it works pretty well as a fridge as you can whack the dial up to almost full and the chiller block inside gets icy cold.

    I don't think it has enough insulation to stay cold though and I would definitely NOT recommend it to be used for wild camping. We have tried using it via a leisure battery (connected to a solar panel too) and it really is not up to the task.

    Cheap and cheerful if you are on a site with electric hookup.

    Useless if you want to go off grid.

    We've ended up spending out on a decent coolbox as an alternative for off grid camping.

    by Coper on 01/08/2016

  • Great product

    I Purchased this 2 way fridge feb 2014
    Very easy to install & works fantastic
    Make sure you follow the instillation instructions by leaving the correct gaps around the fridge as it does get fairly warm when on.
    I have just returned from the volksworld show which we camped at all weekend, unfortunately I managed to break the 12v plug the weekend before so was relying on the fridge staying cold for a couple of days after being on 240v all night before we went.It worked a treat, cold beer all weekend without 12v working !
    Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, really good value for money.

    by Nick cox on 30/03/2014

  • Pretty good overall.

    Read the reviews, so was very worried about it smoking and not working if van isn't on flat ground.
    Unpacked the fridge & noticed bent fins and a scrape marks on the cooling pipework, so obviously it had been dropped prior to packing (packaging was fine).
    I initially powered it up in the garage, waited ages for the clouds of smoke & was quite disappointed when no smoke appeared at all. Fridge worked perfectly.
    Went camping on a site nr Aberystwyth last week... van/awning was on a slight incline, so i thought i'd be surviving on warm beers for the stay.... again fridge worked perfectly. Ice cube making wasn't a problem at all. Very impressed indeed.

    by whiskeydog on 27/03/2014

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Questions & Answers (10)

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    • Neil Lisle said: 25/01/2013 15:25
    • What is the amperage or wattage load when operating on a 12 volt supply??
      Are the dimensions quoted in "Additional Information" above the maximum external dimensions of the unit??
      Is an external vent required?? If not, how much free air space is required around the unit??
      Will the unit operate satisfactorily over extended periods on 12 volt power....ie alternating between vehicle battery when travelling and leisure battery when parked up, eg when no 240v hook-up available (subject to leisure battery capacity, obviously)??
    • Answer: You will find all technical information we have now on the product. If you don't have an external vent you will have to leave a sufficent gap above for heat to escape. The dimensions quoted are maximum external. Consumption: 0.9kwh/24h.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Katie Jones said: 25/01/2013 21:34
    • Hi, would this fridge need a vent in the van? or could it go in an enclosed space?

      Thanks for your help
    • Answer: It doesn't have to have a vent. As long as there is space above the unit for the heat to escape.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Mr Dixon said: 25/02/2013 19:06
    • Does the fridge come with a change over switch or do you have to unplug the supply you are not using. We want to use this in our VW camper van would this fridge be suitable I also assume we would need a relay to switch the 12 volt off when the engine is not running.
    • Answer: The fridge doesn't come with a switch you would have to physically plug it it I'm afraid. As for the 12 volt switching off that would be down to your split charge relay.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • GAVIN said: 02/03/2013 18:10
    • You have listed two different sets of measurements for this fridge.
      please advise which is which?
      is one set for the internal and other for external??
    • Answer: Apologies for any confusion. The actual product dimensions are H51cm x W38cm x D42cm. The other given dimensions are shipping dimensions when boxed to send to a customer.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • GAVIN said: 01/05/2013 16:11
    • The measurement of depth being 42cm, - is that measuring the outer box with the motor and rear attachments being additional measurement or does the depth of 42cm include fridge box and the rear mechanics/motor/coolant pipes etc?
    • Answer: The depth is approx 48cm including the heat exchanger on the back etc.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • steve lever said: 15/05/2013 23:52
    • i have a jk fridge model no= j90023. i have 12v and 240 v @ the teminals at the back of the fridge. the heat exchanger seems to be hot but have no cooling inside fridge on either 12v or 240v or what ever position the temp switch is in? i would be very greatful of any help with this matter. tnx steve
    • Answer: The fridge will only cool from 240 volt the 12 volt is only for maintaining it will not cool it from normal temperature. If it is not cooling on 240 please give us a call and the customer service department can look into it for you.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Ian Harrison said: 18/06/2013 10:58
    • Can it be connected to a 12v and 240v supply at the same time. The reason is that ours is connected to the leisure battery and so when connected to a mains hock up will I have to disconnect the 12v supply? Or do I have to switch off the 12v supply to the fridge when connected to the mains?
    • Answer: Sorry it cannot be connected to both at the same time. you would need to unplug one power source
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • john lee said: 23/06/2013 12:21
    • Can any one tell me what the strip of plastic ( about 10ins long & the slide that fits over it) is for as i can see no reason for it ?
    • Answer: Yes it is if you fit the fridge inside a cupboard with a door. You fit the wedge to the front of the fridge and the bar to the cupboard door so when you open the cupboard the fridge door opens. I hope that helps.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • Kelvin said: 09/10/2013 15:40
    • Is it ok to cut the plugs off and wire it into my van including a rocker switch to change between 12v and 240v?
    • Answer: Any modification of any kind including cutting wires will VOID the manufacturers warranty.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • john evans said: 20/10/2013 19:08
    • I have a refrigerator model number J 90023 the fridge works very well when switched on 240volts but the element at the back gets hot is this normal.
      Also I have tried to get the fridge to work on 12 volt when on our boat but does not work at all. I have noticed that on the back ofthe fridge they are two elements which go into the chamber and the 12 volt one does have signs of over heating. Is itpossible to purchase these elements and where from.
      John evans
    • Answer: The light does not work at the 12 v status what is the battery reading when the fridge is working if the battery is below 12 v on an output the fridge will have trouble working . If you do still have issues with the fridge can you mail Sales@justkampers.co.uk with your fridge issues we can not sell the elements seperate .
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