Send us Your Stories

We’re always keen to share your VWs online, on our Your Rides page as well as Facebook and Instagram.

It’s great to be able to show the world the hard work, enthusiasm, and talent that you’ve put into restoring and customising your Volkswagens, and inspiring the rest of the VW community with the adventures you’ve been on.

Use the form below to send us your photos, video, and stories about your VW and what you’ve been up to, and we’ll turn them into a blog post for the Your Rides area on our website and share them out on social media and our email newsletter.

Here’s a quick guide on what to send us, to make sure we can share the story of you and your VW to the rest of the community:

Photos: Send us as many photos as you can, but ensure that they’re 800 pixels by 600 pixels or above, so that they look great on the web. We may not use all the photos you send us, but too many is always better than too few!

Words: We want to share your stories, so send us as much information about your VW, the work you’ve done on it, and the trips you’ve been on with it as you can. It’s easier for us to cut down a small essay about your Volkswagen than it is for us to try spin a few sentences into a whole article, so feel free to waffle on!

Video: If you’ve got some cool video of your VW, send us the link to where we can find it on YouTube or similar, and we’ll include it in the Your Rides post about your vehicle. 

Contact details: We won’t include these when we share your story, but we may get in touch to ask a question or two about the photos and stories that you’ve sent us, if we need to.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to write, or need some guidance, then click here to check out some Your Rides stories from other VW enthusiasts. 

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