Ankor Wax Kit (5litre) With Pump

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Bundle Contents
1 × Wax Treatment High Pressure Sprayer / Applicator
1 × Morris Ankor Wax (5 litres)

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Waxoyl High Pressure Sprayer   Applicator
Morris Ankor Wax  5 litres

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Ankor Wax Kit  2 5litre  With Pump
Ankor Wax Kit (5litre) With Pump

In stock

£43.24 £47.50

Bundle Contents

    Quality Morris product. Sold in 5 litre cans and supplied with a pump / sprayer to allow easy application Protects your van against rust and corrosion.

    Ankor Wax is a long term corrosion preventative, having low viscosity and surface tension thereby enabling it to spread rapidly, penetrating into all inaccessible areas and covering all surfaces, however irregular.

    Quality ankor wax kit with pump from Morris.