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1 × Door Step Rubber Nearside (Left) VW T25 1979–1992
1 × Cab Door Step Rubber Offside (Right) VW T25 1979–1992

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Door Step Rubber Nearside  Left   VW T25 1979 1992
Door Step Rubber Offside  Right  VW T25 1979 1992

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A Pair Of Cab Step Rubbers VW T25 1979 1992
A Pair Of Cab Step Rubbers VW T25 1979-1992

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Bundle Contents
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    A bundle kit consisting of 1 x J10703 Step rubber for the Nearside (Left) 1 x J10704 Step rubber for the offside (Right) This pair of step rubbers is suitable for all VW T25s built from 1979 to 1992.

    Exclusive to JK, Money Saving Bundle Kit T25 cab step rubbers. Suitable for VW T25s built between 1979 and 1992.