Location: Ramsgate, Kent
Name: Tom
Number: 07919620442
We started the club seven years ago, simply as there were no VW clubs in our area of Kent at the time. Since then we have over fifty members, mostly local. We also have members based all over the UK and Europe.

The age range of our members is new born to guys in their eighties!

We have always welcomed both air and water cooled Volkswagen owners, also the non Volkswagen owners who just love the scene or are between dubs.

Although we area based in east Kent we get along to loads of shows all over the country from Dover to Cornwall, and Southampton to the far north of Scotland.

We have a good wide selection of members with various talents from mime, driving fast, drinking lots, through to real experienced guys who, what they don't know about Volkswagens isn't worth knowing!

We have a few of " fair weather ", or " ooh thats a long way! ", members. But hey thats cool, each to there own. I just tend to believe that if it's going to breakdown, you're going to breakdown regardless how far from home you are. So you might as well give it a go and try and get there!

We have a group on face book,(club-vdub) so between this site and on face book we will try to keep everyone updated on events coming up on the horizon.

We just enjoy going to shows, parking up, drinking, chilling and having a laugh!

You don't need to be a member to meet up with us, just get in touch.
Hope to see you at the show!


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