Universal Tabletop Storage Kit (Black)

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Love having a table in your camper, but sick of having to work around it when you could do with getting the space back? Enjoy the best of both worlds by using a table storage kit. This kit is made right here in the UK, and finished in strong black plastic, and will fit in basically any vehicle, whether you’ve got a classic VW campervan or a super modern motorhome.

Designed to work with a wide range of tables, it gives you a safe, secure place to stow the tabletop when it’s not in use, freeing up precious space in your vehicle. You set the distance between the two brackets while you’re installing it, so you can ensure that it will work with your existing table.

Just fit the storage kit somewhere convenient and out of the way, and you’ll be able to stash the table top within the angled brackets and secure them in place with the rotating catches which come in the kit, then enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that it won’t slide around or tip over! Please note that due to the design of the brackets, they won’t work with round tables, as they need corners to hold on to. The maximum recommended tabletop thickness that the kit can hold is 20 mm.

The brackets themselves measure approximately 90 mm x 90 mm and are supplied with the turning catches. However, fittings are not included, and you’ll need to source your own before you can install the kit to your vehicle.