We’ve put together a list of ten jobs to tackle on your Volkswagen during the summer, so you can get things done faster and avoid doing them in the cold and wet of winter.

The old saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’ definitely applies to owning and maintaining classic and modern VWs.

On the rare weekend when you aren’t heading out to any upcoming VW festivals in the UK, you might want to take on some of those jobs you’ve been meaning to get to, but haven’t found time for.

Afterall, things like replacing your pop-top roof canvas or applying rust proofing are much easier, faster, and more enjoyable when it’s warm and dry in the summer.

Drawing from our own years of collective experience, we’ve created this list of jobs that we definitely recommend tackling while the sun is shining:

JK's List of Ten Jobs to Tackle in the Summer

Most of these jobs can be done pretty quickly, and will make a massive difference to your Volkswagen. If you're unsure of how to take on any of these jobs, then check out our range of Fitting Guides and our Tips & Tricks page, as well as our How-To Videos on YouTube.

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Replacing the roof canvas in your camper

We’re starting off with one of the most infamously frustrating jobs you can do on a campervan, but you can make things much easier on yourself by picking a warm, dry day to get your pop-up roof canvas replaced.

Having nice weather while you’re swapping your roof canvas will prevent the interior of your vehicle, and the canvas itself, getting soaking wet and potentially ruined.

This seems obvious, but it’s easy to say ‘ah the canvas will last another trip or two!’ and put off replacing it, only to realise in late winter or early spring that it absolutely needs replacing before you can go camping.

Applying rust treatment, weatherproofing and cavity wax

Using the warm weather to your advantage while treating your Volkwagen with rustproofing agents like Noxudol or Waxoyl will make your life much easier.

Not only will the sun-warmed panels allow the rust proofing to flow nicely into all the nooks and crannies inside your vehicle’s bodywork, but you can also be sure that everything under your vehicle is nice and dry.

We always recommend treating existing rust on your vehicle, and preventing future rust, long before the weather turns wet and miserable, so you know you’re not trapping moisture beneath your vehicle and making the situation worse.

Replacing leaking window and door seals

Another job on this list which seems obvious, but is easy to put off until the bad weather sets in, swapping out damaged or leaking seals around your VWs windows and doors is much easier in the summer months.

You’ll be able to get the job done in an outdoor space, with enough room to move freely around your vehicle, and won’t need to stress about rain or moisture creeping into the inside of your VW.

Replacing your door and window rubbers during the summer also means you can work with nice, warm rubber seals, rather than stiff cold seals which are much harder to install – let the warm weather do half the work for you!

Installing a pair of Earz wind deflectors

We stock a range of these Earz wind deflectors to help funnel more air into your engine bay while you’re driving, to help keep that air-cooled engine running nicely.

It can be easy for the engines in classic VWs to overheat in the summer, especially in start-stop traffic, and a pair of Earz are a quick and easy way to help prevent this.

It’s actually not recommended to run them during the winter months, as they’re a bit too effective and can lead to the carb icing over!