It's Never Been Easier to Fit Window Glass to Your VW T5

There's currently a discount on all of our aftermarket windows for the T5 and T5.1, to make it even more afforable to totally transform your Transporter into your dream campervan!

During the JK Open Day in June, we displayed our Project 22 camper, a T6 we've transformed from basic van into a comfy, stylish home away from home. One of the big jobs we tackled during the conversion was fitting a set of our own tinted side windows, to make the rear of the camper lighter and airier. 

We got a lot of questions over the weekend about how we did it, how easy it was to do, how long it took, what tools we used and what tips we had. There's a pair of videos below which will guide you through the process - one around three minutes long for a quick overview, and another well over 30 minutes which is a much more in-depth and comprehensive tutorial. 

Since we had to many questions about fitting new windows to a T5 or T5.1, we thought we'd offer you some money off the kits, as well as putting the videos in one place, to make it cheaper and easier to do! 

Not sure how to fit windows to your Transporter?

We've put together a couple of videos to guide you through the fitting process, from which tools to use, to how long to wait before you drive off in your totally transformed Transporter!

Applicable to both the VW T5 and T5.1, we filmed these videos ourselves on the workshop here at JK HQ to give you a clear understanding of exactly what to do, and how to do it. 

You can also check out a PDF of the instructions which you can keep handy on the phone, or print out, so you've got it handy in your garage, driveway or workshop!
Click here to download the PDF instructions

Why are these windows so good?

We're really proud of our JK exclusive tinted window sets - they're excellent quality, fully E Marked, straight-forward to fit and look excellent!

The glass on all of our windows is tinted, with 33% light transparency. This is a great level of tint, which gives you excellent privacy while also letting you see outside clearly. This level of tint does make it unsuitable for use in taxis, however. 

We've got both opening and fixed window glass, with the opening ones having an aperture which allows them to slide open and a handle which means they can only be opened from the inside. 

Each window is ideal for fitting to a panel van, but aren't suitable for replacing existing windows if your Transporter had them fitted from the factory.