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Introduce yourself and what do you do at Just Kampers?

Hi I’m Steve and I'm the Marketing Director at Just Kampers. This is my 67 Karmann Ghia

VW Model

Karmann Ghia

Age/year of Manufacture


Engine Size

2007cc engine, twin 45 DRLA carbs, fk10 cam, street eliminator heads, Berg rockers

Work Completed

Narrowed beam, dropped spindles, fully built gearbox with close ration 3rd and 4th, 5.5 + 6’ Fuch, unrestored car so interior is original, old repaint in the 70s

Any other VWs Owned

’67 beetle, ’69 beetle, 2X ’71 Beetle, ’74 GT beetle, ’87 16v mk2 golf, 2005 mk5 gti, 2011 mk6 gtd

Future Plans:

Full restoration at some point, just not any time soon

4 years ago